Puma runs fast and sure with Datalogic: signed a collaboration agreement with Puma for the supply of the Elf™ PDA to the Salzburg Austria Dassler Branch handling the Eastern European, African and Middle Eastern markets of Puma

Bologna, November 2011 – The Datalogic Group has signed a collaboration agreement with Puma, the multinational leader in sportswear, through its controlled company, Datalogic Mobile. Datalogic Mobile now supplies the Salzburg branch in Austria with Elf™ PDAs for warehouse management.

With its 500 operators, Puma’s branch in Salzburg, Austria, is the logistics hub for the over 150 subsidiaries in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The considerable amount goods in the warehouse to cover all these subsidiaries must be handled in the fastest and most efficient manner possible to assure smooth operations.

Puma decided to use Datalogic’s Elf™ PDA to satisfy this requirement. The Elf™ was designed with the technology and ruggedness needed to handle all typical warehouse applications. It connects to Puma locations all over the world about 100,000 times a day to indicate goods movement and request additional information through the ERP system. The Elf™ used in these applications highlights Datalogic’s extensive experience in design and ergonomy, as well as its technological innovation in terms of compactness, light weight and battery duration.

Puma also points towards the future with plans to use Datalogic’s mobile computers in other branches. The IT team explains, “given the great results guaranteed by the Elf™, especially in terms of making all our handling operations easier, our goal is to use this PDA in as many locations as possible. Thanks to the Elf’s™ extremely fast reading speeds, each employee scans about 1000 times a day in the Salzburg warehouse. "

The project manager at Puma pointed out some of the advantages that came with using Datalogic’s Elf™. “As a dynamic and innovative company, Puma choice had to be the Elf™. I would like to point out the Green Spot system in particular, which provides visual confirmation of a product scan. Considering the large amount of people working close together in the same area, a simple confirmation beep is insufficient and can create confusion. The visual green spot confirmation reduces the margin of human error. Another advantage was the Elf’s™ large color screen which displays the selected product.”

Mauro Sacchetto, CEO of Datalogic Group, commented, “The agreement signed with the multinational company, Puma, confirms Datalogic’s leadership in the Retail sector of the Automatic Data Capture market. In particular, I would like to emphasize that thanks to Datalogic, companies can reach their potential with the use of our innovative products and solutions. Datalogic always looks towards innovation, allowing us to provide our customers with customized high performance solutions.”