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The S300 PA series of advanced MAXI photoelectric sensors represents the most suitable solution for standard applications thanks to it’s excellent cost/performance ratio. The new series offers a wide range of models and functions in order to guarantee easy use and installation. The new series presents 5 different models with through beam optical function up to 50m, retroreflex up to 15m, polarized retroreflex up to 10m,  diffused proximity at 2m and background suppression at 2m. All the models are available both Vdc from 12 to 30V and Vac/Vdc free-voltage from 24 to 240V versions.

Характеристики и преимущества

  • Excellent optical performances
  • Sturdy plastic housing with IP67 mechanical protection
  • Wide range of operating temperatures ranging from -25 to 55°C
  • Timing function from 0.6-16 s ON-delay, OFF delay ONE SHOT
  • Terminal block for both Vdc and Vac/Vdc free voltage versions
  • Distance trimmer clutch for mechanical background suppression models


This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:

  • Automatic machines
  • Transportation lines
  • Wood working machines
  • Automatic warehouses


The product series offers the following models:

Ordering Codes


951451480 S300-PA-1-A01-RX
951451490 S300-PA-1-A06-RX
951451500 S300-PA-2-A01-OC
951451510 S300-PA-2-A06-OC
951451520 S300-PA-1-B01-RX
951451530 S300-PA-1-B06-RX
951451540 S300-PA-2-B01-OC
951451550 S300-PA-2-B06-OC
951451400 S300-PA-1-C01-RX
951451410 S300-PA-1-C06-RX
951451420 S300-PA-2-C01-OC
951451430 S300-PA-2-C06-OC
951451440 S300-PA-1-M01-RX
951451450 S300-PA-1-M06-RX
951451460 S300-PA-2-M01-OC
951451470 S300-PA-2-M06-OC
951451560 S300-PA-1-G00-EX
951451570 S300-PA-2-G00-EX
951451580 S300-PA-1-F01-RX
951451590 S300-PA-1-F06-RX
951451600 S300-PA-2-F01-OC
951451610 S300-PA-2-F06-OC


The following accessories are available to simplify installation and optimize product performances:

Ordering Codes


95ACC2810 ST-511
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