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The TL46 contrast sensorseries is characterized by excellent performances in terms of resolution due to a RGB LEDs emission, low response time and high switching speed. The sensor, developed in a sturdy metal housing with standard fixing, is available in 3 different version. TL46-W basic version with 2 set push-buttons and 2 LEDs indicator, TL46-WL standard version has set 3 push-buttons, 4 LEDs indicator and bar graph is also available for manual setting of the threshold and TL46-WLF enhanced version presents a 4-digit display for the setting of the most advanced functions, such as dynamic acquisition of the contrast mark. The sensor reaches the maximum market performances at 30kHz switching frequency.

Характеристики и преимущества

  • RGB emission: high detection reliability and resolution
  • Teach-in push-button and bar graph or display 4 digits indicator: fast and easy setting
  • 30KHz switching frequency: precise and repeatability reading
  • Rotatable M12 5-pole connector: adaptability to the mechanical part of the plant


This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:

  • Packaging lines
  • Paper and Printing machines
  • Automatic filling machines

The product series offers the following models:

Ordering Codes


954601070 TL46-A-415 TRIMMER 9MM M12 PNP WHITE
954601080 TL46-A-425 TRIMMER 9MM M12 NPN WHITE
954601090 TL46-A-615 TRIMMER 9MM M12 PNP RED
954601100 TL46-A-625 TRIMMER 9MM M12 NPN RED
954601000 TL46-W-815 BASIC 9MM M12 VERT.SPOT
954601010 TL46-W-815L BASIC 9MM M12 HOR.SPOT
954601020 TL46-WL-815 STANDARD 9MM M12 VERT.SPOT
954601030 TL46-WL-815L STANDARD 9MM M12 HOR.SPOT
954601040 TL46-WLF-815 ENH. 9MM M12 VERT.SPOT
954601050 TL46-WLF-815L ENH. 9MM M12 HOR.SPOT

The following accessories are available to simplify installation and optimize product performances:

Ordering Codes


890000194 LENS No.28 glass
95ACC2670 LENS No.9 glass
95ACC1030 LENS No.18 glass
95ACC1050 LENS HI-RES glass
95ACC1100 LENS No.22 glass
95ACC1220 LENS No.40-60 glass
S73030511 LENS No.50 BOC-511 OBJECTIVE NO.50
95ACC2540 LENS No.9 PMMA
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