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Document Handling
Bar code scanners are replacing common document handling activities in banks by automatically tracking the movement, filing, location, archival, maintenance and destruction of client documents. This comprehensive system allows bank employees to identify documents by reading a unique bar code label on the document, improving speed of service and enhancing productivity. By eliminating outdated manual processes, banks can experience a significant reduction in errors which is critical to maintain client satisfaction.
Image Capture
Bar code scanners with image capture capabilities allow important documents such as checks, Letter of Credit (LC), Bill of Lading (BL), ID documents and more to be easily captured and stored in customer records by automatically taking a ‘picture' of document when scanning. Image capture can also be used for signature capture and seal/chop, eliminating the need for costly supplemental devices often placed outside banker's work station. By using image capture, banks can reduce paper waste and further enhance client services.
Signature Capture
Capturing electronic signatures for proof of delivery automates the time consuming and labor intensive procedure of manual signature collection, increasing the productivity of drivers and administrative staff. Real-time information can also decrease time required for billing cycles.
Bill Payment
In many countries, bar code scanners are assisting banks facilitate bill payment programs. To handle these activities, the front-end system must be equipped with a scanning solution capable of reading the types of bar code symbologies used to encode the billing data. For instance, 2D bar codes are commonly used for utility bills with the ability to store more data in equal or less space. With bar code readers in place, banks will be able to quickly and accurately collect bill payments as well as distribute payment information to clients
Counterfeit Detection / Authenticity Verification
Datalogic ADC offers a unique base station equipped with a ‘Counterfeit Detector' enabling employees to quickly verify the authenticity of currency and other documents such as passports and governement issued ID cards. Using UV fluorescent emissions, the base station highlights special fluorescent ink markings on the item designed to indicate authenticity. This special feature is easy to use and provides additional savings by eliminating separate ‘verification-only' equipment.

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