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Discover our open positions and follow the 3 steps below if you are interested in applying.

Work With Us

Work With Us - Step 1

To be considered for a position at Datalogic, you must submit your resume/C.V. electronically using our web-based tools. You can apply either for a specific job or to a general application.

Upon completion of your profile and clicking "Submit", the tool displays a message acknowledging receipt of your profile. You will also receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your information.

We thank you for your interest and wish you success in your job search.

Work With Us - Step 2

We use behavioral-based and technical interviews to get to know you. What makes you passionate? What have you accomplished so far? What is your work experience? We believe in two-way dialogue, so prepare to ask us questions as well!

If you are interested in finding out more about us and prepare for your interview, we suggest either to use social media channels and watch videos on our website showing our leaders and employees. This is a good chance for you to get more insights into our company.

After the first interview, you may be asked to complete a technical test in order to assess relevant abilities for the position you applied for.

Since we are really interested to learn about you, upon completing these steps, you will be asked to fill in 2 tests: Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) and General Intelligence Test (GIA). This is an important stage to understand both your possible fit with Datalogic’s culture, values and people and your full potential in terms of fluid intelligence(learning ability). We use these tools in further support of the interviews, so that we can have more information about your personality and motivation.

If you succeed the first selection step you will be interviewed by our HR team in order to investigate your skills and better understanding your potential growth and contribution to the team you would work with.

The last step is an interview with your future manager: it will be a more technical interview in order to understand what are your skills and knowledge relevant to the position you applied for. If you’ve already filled in a technical test, you may be asked to explain better the reasoning behind your decisions.

As we respect and care about candidates, we will do our best to provide you a feedback as soon as possible. You will be reached out from a Datalogic representative that will discuss with you a feedback both for your interview and your personality and intelligence tests’ results. We want to help you in better understanding yourself, your strengths and areas of development as well. Take that as a good chance to learn about yourself!

Work With Us - Step 3

If selected for a position, a Datalogic representative will contact you to discuss the terms of your offer and start date. We will also provide documentation containing complete job offer details.

Note: We will contact candidates that we interviewed, but did not select, to inform them that we have filled the position and to provide them feedback on tests and interview. We strongly urge these candidates to continue exploring additional job opportunities on our website.

After you accept our job offer (congratulations!), you will receive emails welcoming you to Datalogic. We will provide you all the information you need to ensure you are ready to arrive at work on your first day, complete your final employment forms and get your official employee badge!

Then you will join the exciting Datalogic world!
Want to work in Datalogic?
We are looking forward to meet you!

Datalogic Future Program

If science and technology light your fire and you are willing to invest in your future as part of a large international corporation, then Datalogic has a place for you. Datalogic is recruiting talented students, graduates, and PhD candidates for internships, thesis projects, and permanent positions. We want the best and brightest with a can-do attitude. If you fit this profile and have the right spirit, check out the two opportunities for you and apply online for the most suitable one!

Meet Our Managers

Romano Volta - 执行主席
Romano Volta
1972年,在意大利博洛尼亚郊区,Datalogic得利捷从一间小型的创意实验室开始起步。Romano Volta博士富有远见,能够了解纺织、陶瓷和包装行业对自动化机器的需求。Volta博士结合光学、电子和机械,创建了Datalogic得利捷——一家开发高精度和速度标准产品的公司。Volta准则:始终聆听客户需求,不断追求创新和卓越,和充满热情的团队共同探索。世界在变化,公司成功所必需的要素却从未改变。
Valentina Volta - 首席执行官
Valentina Volta
Pietro Todescato - 首席技术官
Pietro Todescato
Marco Carnovale - 首席人力资源官
Marco Carnovale
我们的招聘流程在2018年和2019年非常具有挑战性。我们必须在全球范围内保持增长,吸引最优秀的公司人才。 我们希望稳步地从优秀到卓越,充分利用人力资本和内部人才。 这也将对入职培训计划,个人和集体培训计划(也通过创建Datalogic功能学院)产生重大影响; 人员发展和继任计划管道管理; 劳动力市场中最佳工作策略和优质品牌定位。


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