Pattern Find Tool

Pattern Find Tool

The Pattern Find tool quickly identifies patterns with high accuracy and repeatability.

With the addition of the Pattern Find tool, the IMPACT Software gives manufacturing engineers an easy way to set up and configure not only the locate but also the message and communications to the robot and other automation.  It provides engineers more options to robustly locate an object, configure the output string in many different formats (each robot has their own requirements), and communicate the data to the robot or other automation.  This keeps the integration time to a minimum while maintaining high performance.

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EASEOFCARE Kunden Service

Datalogic Customer Care

Innerhalb der Datalogic Kunden Service Organisation finden Sie ein tiefes und komplettes Portfolio an Post-Sales Serviceangeboten (EASEOFCARE Verträgen).
The central role of the customer also drove the creation of a new corporate division (the so-called “Customer Service”), which has centralised all the services provided by the Group globally, from order entry and confirmation to after-sales service and installation, by applying a performance indicator of client satisfaction such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS) used by many Fortune 500 Companies.

Dieses Angebot ist in drei Supportbereiche unterteilt um sicherzustellen dass Sie passend zu Ihrer Problemstellung die beste Unterstützung erhalten. Ein Team von multi-lingualen Spezialisten unterstützt Sie bei Fragen mit technischer Expertise über die gesamte Datalogic Produktauswahl hinweg.

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