Halogen DE2X12 2D MP

Halogen DE2X12 2D MP

The Halogen™ DE2X12 is a family of ultra-compact high performance 2D MP imager scan engines.

The Halogen DE2X12-SR scan engine features a long reading range which surpasses most of the laser scan engines available, making it easier for current 1D laser users to migrate to 2D imaging technology. The Halogen DE2X12-DL scan engine can read high density bar codes at a closer distance.  The Halogen DE2X12-WA scan engine also features a different lens system allowing a wide angle field of view with high quality image capture for demanding applications in a compact solution.

The small size of this engine makes it ideal for OEM use in size-constrained environments.  It includes the same footprint and mounting hole positions as the Halogen DE2011-DL WVGA 2D scan engine.

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Modelle und Zubehör

DE2011 2D Undecoded Scan Engine
HALOGEN DE2012-DL 2D Undecoded PAR
HALOGEN DE2012-SR 2D Undecoded PAR
HALOGEN DE2012-WA-DL 2D Undecoded PAR
HALOGEN DE2112-DL 2D Undecoded MIPI
HALOGEN DE2112-SR 2D Undecoded MIPI
The DE2171 DEMO is a demo/development kit allowing integrators a simple interface to a host computer. Includes micro-USB connector for USB & RJ-45 connector for RS-232. USB (Type A) and RS-232 (DB-9) cables are included with a 5V Power Supply for RS-232