Operator Protection

Operator Protection

Operator Protection

The world of automotive manufacturing is filled with high speed machinery that cuts, welds, paints, and assembles. All these systems require operator interaction at some point. Keeping operators safe and protected from harm calls for Datalogic safety products that are designed to survive the rigors of the manufacturing floor, while providing ease of installation and maximum protection.

Safety optoelectronic devices offer the best solution, whether your organization must comply with machine safeguarding requirements or you are looking for safety solutions for operator protection in the presence of several types of dangerous machinery.

Safety Light Curtains (AOPD can be used to protect hazardous points as they can detect the presence of a finger, hand or arm. Safety Light Grids or Photocells and Control Units can protect hazardous areas with their detection of body presence or movement.

Safety Laser Scanners (AOPDDR) are suitable for both static hazardous area protection - by detecting the operator’s presence in given area - or moving hazardous area protection, providing the maximum operator protection.




  • Machinery protection is achieved with reliable detection, by triggering a safe stop of moving parts when they can harm operators by their movement, sharp edges or high temperatures. This can apply to material handling, metal working, welding, painting, and assembly machinery.

  • Robotic cells for wielding, painting or assembling parts with one or more access points are protected with Safety Light Curtains or Photocells and Control Units, that detect the access of people and create safety conditions by stopping the movement of the robotic arm. If they have open sides, they are protected with one or more Safety Laser Scanners, which detect any access or presence in a configured area and create safety conditions by slowing down or stopping the movement of the robotic arm.

  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) movement is safe thanks to Safety Laser Scanner, which detect people or obstacles in the configured navigation area, with the possibility of setting "warning" areas that slow down and "safe" areas that stop the vehicle.

  • Conveyor movements are stopped if an operator tries to access or is present at danger points, while special functions such as "Muting" make it possible to distinguish between the passage of human beings or materials and pallets, only stopping the process when necessary.
  • Automated warehouses are protected from access by creating long distance perimeter protection with a combination of grids and mirrors, while in vertical warehouses the access is controlled with hand or finger protection curtains.



The benefits of introducing safety into your machinery or plants does not depend solely on regulatory and legal requirements. Datalogic safety products can also improve the interaction between operator and machine, increase productivity and avoid downtime, while protecting people, machines and plants from harmful operations.

Improved safety, reliability, total costs and time savings are achieved thanks to the following advantages:

  • Experience – Datalogic is among the pioneers and major manufacturers of safety optoelectronic devices and among the few to have proprietary technologies – that is for the user a guarantee of proven product knowledge, reliability, and the best safety solutions.

  • A wide product range – In terms of lines, functions, detection resolution, protected height or distance range, interfaces, etc. – for the user this means obtaining the best ratio between performance and cost, having exactly what is needed without compromise.

  • Advanced features – Such as blanking, cascading, muting or override configurators make the use of safety light curtains in different applications extremely flexible. Adding safety laser scanners to such applications completes the safety solution and additional external components that would deliver such functionalities are no longer needed.

  • Safety specialties – Application specific models with smaller "slim" size, hygienic design enclosure in IP69K, stainless steel for aseptic areas, OpenSafety over Powerlink interface, strong vibration resistant models – are just some examples of specific customer needs that Datalogic has solved.