Lidar Guidance Scanner

Lidar Guidance Scanner

Compact navigation Lidar for automated guided vehicles


Lidar Guidance Scanner

Lidar Guidance Scanner (LGS-N50) is a compact, rugged navigation Lidar based on time-of-flight (TOF) infrared laser technology to provide a complete offering for the market of Automated and Laser Guided Vehicles (AGV/LGV) or Forklifts (AGF), used for intralogistics and manufacturing.

LGS-N50 can be mounted on vehicles with laser navigation based on reflective landmarks with a scanning angle of 360° and a distance up to 50 meters, or with natural navigation up to 15 meters

With its compact dimensions and simple Ethernet UDP protocol for the transmission of data, LGS-N50 is easy to integrate mechanically in the vehicle, simple to configure through the integrated webserver, and effective in the transmission of distance and intensity measurement for the AGV guidance systems.

In combination with Laser Sentinel safety laser scanners, Lidar Guidance Scanner constitutes a  complete solution of scanners that Datalogic offers to manufacturers of Automated Vehicles.

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