Datalogic announces the Gryphon GPS4490 presentation scanner offering optimized hands-free scanning performance in a compact size


December 16, 2013 – Eugene OR, USA - Datalogic, a global leader in the Automatic Data Capture market, employs industry leading technology in the development of bar code scanners, mobile computers and vision systems.  Now Datalogic is happy to announce the availability of the Gryphon™ GPS4490 2D presentation scanner.  The Gryphon GPS4490 reader is an omnidirectional presentation scanner encased in a stylish housing whose compact design makes it an ideal solution for space constrained countertops.

The Gryphon GPS4490 scanner utilizes the same scanning technology found in the renowned line of  Gryphon™ GD4400 handheld scanners, providing it snappy omnidirectional reading capability.  This 2D area imaging technology enables the Gryphon presentation reader the ability to read both 1D and 2D codes regardless of the scanner’s orientation.  Coupons use in mobile marketing promotions and codes on electronic tickets presented on mobile phones are easily read by the Gryphon GPS4490 reader.

Constructed with accuracy for hands-free scanning in mind, its sleek ergonomic design with a curved, sliding multi-positioned stand makes it ideal for confined retail spaces.  The aggressive imaging performance found in this reader offers excellent near-field reading, a wide angle field-of-view, and high motion tolerance.  The GPS4490 reader allows for snappy, intuitive reading, as well as provides a laser based aimer that includes 4 corner dots, and a central targeting cross to enhance its accuracy.

“Market studies have shown the presentation scanner segment to be strong and is projected to show steady growth over the next few years,” comments Giulio Berzuini, General Manager & VP, HandHeld Scanners, Datalogic ADC, “We have designed the Gryphon GPS4492 presentation scanner with this in mind, as well as the need to offer the ability to aggressively read both 1D and 2D codes while maintaining a small footprint in the field.”

Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology, providing good read feedback even in small or noisy spaces, is found in the Gryphon GPS4490 reader.  Other key features which enhance the use of this presentation scanner include: multi-interface capabilities (RS232/USB); external trigger button for testing and alignment; LED lights for power and reading indications; and a beeper for audible read feedback.  Easy set-up is enhanced through the use of Datalogic’s Aladdin™ software configuration program.  Operational modes include: standard, auto-sense stand mode, automatic and continuous reading. The IP52 environmental sealing rating and a 3 year factory warranty aids in protecting the customer’s investment.