12.000 Datalogic sensors optimize processes for major player in Chinese construction industry

Bologna, March 27th, 2014 - Datalogic, a global leader in Automatic Data Capture and Industrial Automation markets and producer of bar code readers, mobile computers, sensors, vision systems and laser marking systems, has supplied a detection solution involving 12,000 Datalogic photoelectric sensors - S5 series (S5-5-C60-30) - for one of China’s largest manufacturers and designers of machinery for processing building materials.

The company, which needed photoelectric sensors mainly for the detection of ceramic tiles on their automatic packing lines, had clear requirements for high performance, excellent technical support and lower prices. Datalogic fit the profile through the choice offered by its wide range of photoelectric sensors for universal and applications specific purposes. These include color, contrast and luminescence sensors, fork sensors for label detection, as well as devices for dimensional and distance measurement.

In this specific application, Datalogic’s S5 series of photoelectric sensors are used on the automatic packing line for identifying, counting and storing ceramic tiles. Around 50 pieces have been installed on each line, ensuring detection and monitoring along each step of the packing process - from loading to palletizing.

The photoelectric sensors are used to detect presence, position and number of the tiles before loading them on the conveyor belt. Once they are loaded, the tiles travel by conveyor belt to the packing and then wrapping station till the palletizing one. At each segment of the conveyor belt is located a photoelectric sensor. When the tiles on the belt reach the following segment, the photoelectric sensor detects their absence and triggers the corresponding actuators to convey new tiles . Both before packing  and palletizing the tiles, the sensors detect  position and quantity.

Datalogic’s S5 series offers a range of plastic tubular M18 photoelectric sensors. The most varied optic functions can be chosen amongst the fixed focus 15 mm and 50 mm or diffuse proximity models with short, medium or long operating distances reaching 60 cm; the 4 m retroreflex, 3 m polarized retroreflex and 1 m for detection of transparent materials; the 12 m through beam and models with fiber-optic connection.

Different versions with either axial or radial optics are available. The series offers connector or cable connection, 3 wire Vac versions or 4 wire Vdc versions with complete configuration of the NPN/PNP output and dark/light mode. A red LED indicating the output status is visible on the bottom side of the sensor.

“We are pleased to have established yet another good relationship in China through our high levels of service and competitive pricing - as we continue to expand our customer base throughout the country,” said  Romano Volta, Chairman and CEO of Datalogic Group.