Press Releases

Press Releases

Press Releases

A new Joya website is online!

Two years after the launch of Joya, Datalogic Mobile EBS launches the new website - - dedicated to the pod and Shopevolution.

Its good positioning in the major search engines, including Google, will increase visibility of the product while maintaining its international importance. Currently translated into three languages this site will be available in other seven versions from 2011.

The high visual impact, direct and clean graphics make navigation intuitive. The philosophy of "double click" was used in the creation of easy and optional web support in order to enable users to reach the content in a few steps. During the navigation different sections are always highlighted in order to allow the visitors to access them without going back. All areas of the site have been expanded and redesigned: the space dedicated to news has been upgraded and will be updated in real time with new press releases and case histories.

The site opens with a video that represents Joya in a simple and immediate way. The multimedia experience continues with the exploration of the product: the user can rotate JOYA at 360 degrees, displaying its specific characteristics.
The site is designed to divide navigation in two ways that illustrate two different concepts, maintaining the ability to switch instantly from one to another:

- "Shopevolution", innovative and integrated self-shopping solution equipped with Joya pod and Datalogic software 

- "Joya", the pod that can also be combined with self-scanning application of another company.

Making shopping enjoyable, Joya is the most effective way to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, the purchase value and the frequency of shopping. Shopevolution integrates easily both with any front office and back-office system in the shop and at home, and new technologies for customer relationship (NFC®, Bluetooth®, ...), allowing retailers to show information on Joya's display at the moment of choice.

"The thrill of shopping with Joya represents the colour of experience that makes it especially memorable and personal. A product equal for all becomes personal, comes to life through the emotions. And this new website communicates all this via web" declared Luigi Frison, Business Development & Marketing Manager at Datalogic Mobile EBS.