Press Releases

Press Releases

Press Releases

ACR Lite for 2K Family

Datalogic Automation is glad to announce the availability of new ACR-Lite, new decoding software with Code Reconstruction capability for DS2100N and DS2400N Laser bar code reader.

The new ACR-Lite decoding software has been developed using the expertise and know-how developed by DLA in the top class readers and  many years experience in TL applications.

Thanks to ACR-Lite decoding algorithm, Datalogic Automation introduces inside the compact industrial laser (DS2100N and DS2400N)  features that until now were mainly reserved to the High End laser.

The scope of ACR-Lite, is to increase the Maximum TILT angle on the code to be read, and to offer flexibility in label positioning.

NEW PLASTIC ROTOR inside DS2100N and DS2400N

Coincidentally with the new software, DLA introduces a NEW PLASTIC ROTOR for the linear versions replacing the traditional rotors with glass mirror surfaces.

This feature is definitively a great improvement in our 2K family with important benefits in term of product quality and life time.

The plastic rotor is applied in the LINEAR models while the RASTER models are still based on the traditional rotor with glass mirror surfaces.

New Features Benefits

Thanks to ACR-Lite and PLASTIC ROTOR, here are the main Benefits:

• Tolerance in bar code label positioning
• Reading of low quality printed codes and damaged label
• Maximum tilt angle independent by the Label form factor
• Improved product quality
• Increased electric motor life time

Product availability

The new features has to be considered an upgrade of the existing versions, fully backward compatible.   

The product Order Number is unchanged.

The new features will become effective in the production during May 2010.

In 2 weeks time we can provide the exact Initial Serial Number of the new versions