ASB series accessories for safety devices

The accessory range for the SAFEasyTM SE and SF2 safety light curtain series includes a complete offer of complementary parts for the installation and use of safety devices in plants and machinery. The deviating mirrors of the SE-DM series, useful to protect different sides of a machine, are available in different heights ranging from 150 mm to 1800 mm. The column and floor stands of safety light curtains and deviating mirrors of the SE-S series are available with heights ranging from 800 mm to 1800 mm. The protective stands of the SE-P series, ideal to guarantee device protection against shocks, also available in different heights ranging from 273 mm to 1743 mm.

The laser pointer of the SE-LP series represents a valid support for the alignment and installation of the  SE  safety light curtain series, in particular for applications with long operating distances and / or using deviating mirrors. The SE-SR2 safety relay guarantees the correct connection of the SAFEasyTM safety light curtain series to machine stopping circuits. The series also includes Muting accessories: Muting signalling lamps of the LMS series and SE-SRT Muting connection box.

The shielded cables of the CV series are available both in the standard axial version as well as in the 90° version; the latter particularly useful in applications that have reduced space. The fixing brackets, orientable, anti-vibration and anti-scratch supports of the ST-K series and the TP test pieces complete the offer.