Bar Code Scanners with Drivers’ License Parsing Support Retail Compliance in Sales of Regulated Items

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Bar Code Scanners with Drivers’ License Parsing Support Retail Compliance in Sales of Regulated Items NRF 2009, New York City and Eugene, Oregon, January 12, 2009 – Retailers who sell regulated goods such as alcohol and tobacco must adhere to US local, state, and federal requirements to accurately verify customer drivers’ license data, including age, date-of-birth, and license expiration date. To enable Retailers to more effectively comply with these government regulations, Datalogic Scanning is pleased to announce the immediate availability of four products with the capability to easily parse bar codes on drivers’ licenses. Available in multiple form factors to fit specific point-of-sale requirements, Retailers can take advantage of either hands-free or handheld bar code scanning products from Datalogic Scanning. Building on a Heritage of Established Product Excellence Datalogic Scanning’s Gryphon™2D Plus, Magellan® 1000i, Magellan® 1400i, and PowerScan® PD8530 Imagers have the capacity to decode the stacked PDF417 bar codes found on the back of many state drivers’ licenses. Using a Datalogic Scanning Imager eliminates manual data entry, increases efficiency at the retail point-of-sale, and prevents errors in the sale of controlled items such as alcohol and tobacco. “Datalogic’s Gryphon™2D Plus and PowerScan® PD8530 handheld scanners are both programmable using the powerful new Drivers’ License Parsing Application,” said Pietro Todescato, General Manager, Handheld Scanning. “The Drivers’ License Parsing Application is now part of the Datalogic Aladdin™ software configuration program, available with each handheld scanner at no extra charge, an incremental $30-50 savings over competitive products.” Datalogic Scanning is Renown for Ease of Use In all four products, data parsing and extraction are performed according to AAMVA standard specifications. Extracted information can be used to verify age and expiration date, or auto-populate product return forms, hunting/fishing licenses, and bridal registration applications. To use the Drivers’ License Parsing Application, a Retailer needs only a computer, the Datalogic Aladdin™ software configuration program, a Gryphon™2D Plus or PowerScan® PD8530 Imager, and a connector cable to select and extract the desired data elements from the codes and implement this exciting solution. Supported scanners can also be configured with programming bar codes. Please be sure to visit the Datalogic booth, #859 at Retail’s Big Show, the NRF 98th Annual Convention and Expo in New York on January 11-14, 2009. Datalogic Scanning by the Numbers • A Datalogic Scanning bar code reader is installed every 36 seconds. • Over 5 million Datalogic Scanning scanners have been sold since 1998. • Over 30,000 customers have selected the Datalogic Scanning brand. Datalogic and the Datalogic logo are registered trademarks of Datalogic S.p.A. in many countries and Datalogic Aladdin, and Gryphon are trademarks of Datalogic S.p.A. Magellan and PowerScan are registered trademarks of Datalogic Scanning Inc. All other brand and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. About Datalogic Scanning Datalogic Scanning is the recognized #1 worldwide leader in high-performance fixed position retail point-of-sale scanners and the #1 provider of handheld scanners in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), with the most complete line of general purpose and ruggedized handheld scanners available today. Headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, Datalogic Scanning, a division of the Datalogic Group, serves multiple industries throughout the retail supply chain and distribution channel as well as manufacturing, government, healthcare, banking and finance sectors with a presence in over 120 countries. For additional information about Datalogic Scanning products, please visit, email, or call +1-800-695-5700 (toll-free in the USA only) or +1-541-683-5700. CONTACT: Marilyn Junkins +1-541-302-2131 ###