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Press Releases

Press Releases

Bill Parnell addresses Datalogic ADC's partners and customers

Dear Partners and Customers,

Thank you for your continued support and loyalty during this period in which Datalogic ADC has taken important steps towards assuring a bright future for all of us.


Transforming four separate entities into one wasn’t an easy feat, but thanks to our teamwork and commitment, Datalogic ADC has implemented all the best practices and strongest go-to-market models in order to assure you quality solutions and service in real time from a single, consolidated organization.


We have achieved much in our first three months as Datalogic ADC.


Now, we present “one face to the customer,” offering transverse solutions with our complete range of products that cover multiple applications and industries. Our range of hand-held and fixed retail scanners, along with mobile computers and integrated business solutions, cannot be matched in terms of performance, reliability, quality and efficiency. Plus, other truly innovative systems will be launched soon. For example, a revolutionary automated checkout system is currently under development.


After only 3 months of operation, Datalogic ADC is completely set-up to provide a more consistent and efficient way to support you, our partners and customers, while offering us the flexibility for future expansion.


Thank you for your patience during this time of transition.  Datalogic ADC’s partners will always be our highest priority.  We believe strong relationships with partners are the key to our mutual success in the marketplace.



Bill Parnell

President & CEO

Datalogic ADC Inc.