Datalogic’s Shopevolution™ ART Revolutionizes Self-Scanning ROI Analytics

Bologna, 29th November, 2012Datalogic’s Shopevolution 6.0 middleware makes shopping fast and easy and that helps retailers maintain an interactive relationship with customers, evolves to a higher level leveraging the innovative ART “Automatic Reporting Tool” feature. ART helps calculate ROI (Return on Investment) for an immediate evaluation of the benefits obtained through the use of self-scanning service.


The Shopevolution ART feature is the result of the close attention Datalogic pays to the market and customers’ needs. It consists of a module included in the basic version of the Shopevolution middleware which guarantees the retailer numerous advantages:


  • Fast and effective analytics of self-scanning KPIs with short, medium and long-term forecasts
  • Fast, efficient and effective decision making based on real measurable data in order to perform interventions that bring about maximum profits
  • Immediate data transfer (in text or graphic form) to retail managers’ (decision makers) PCs or tablets in Excel or PDF format
  • Real time data consultation
  • No dedicated license necessary, as ART is a module contained within the basic Shopevolution middleware


The Shopevolution ART feature can be completely customized to satisfy the exact needs of the retailer. The contents, desired criteria, data receiving frequency and e-mail recipient of the data can all be set by the user.


Three report groups can also be consulted using the Shopevolution ART feature. The first focuses on economics that help the retailer understand the investment value, the second is dedicated to technical aspects, while the third provides an audit trail to measure shrinkage and "sweethearting."


Luigi Frison, Senior Group Manager EMEA of Datalogic Solutions, commented, “Shopevolution middleware constantly enhances its potential by adding new functions that always solve market needs efficiently and effectively. Retailers’ top request is for a solution that automatically monitors and analyzes self-shopping solution ROI. The Shopevolution ART feature is the best way to satisfy this objective.”


Datalogic continues to reaffirm its success and leadership in the self-scanning market with the Shopevolution technology and installations at over 400 stores in several countries, such as Italy (Coop, Conad, Auchan, Esselunga, Finiper, E.Leclerc Conad, Iperal, Famila, Bennet, Tigros), France (Groupe Casino, ATAC e Carrefour), Belgium (Delhaize Group), Sweden (Coop Sweden) and the United States.