Datalogic ADC Displays Innovative Retail Solutions at NRF 2012

Eugene, OR USA - January 12, 2012 - The future of retail store data collection technologies has arrived and will be on hand at the Datalogic ADC booth #1661 during this year's NRF Annual Convention and EXPO, January 15 - 18 in New York City. Datalogic ADC will give retailers the opportunity to see leading imaging technologies designed to enhance the automatic data capture experience from the POS to the back room.

On display, the Magellan™ 8500Xt bioptic scanner will once again demonstrate why Datalogic ADC leads the world in fixed retail scanning. The Magellan 800i, 1100i and 1400i imagers will prove that great technological ability can be found in a small footprint. The single plane Magellan 3200i and Magellan 3300i imaged based readers will be available to show the easy handling of today's fast paced mobile marketing needs.

The LaneHawk™ bottom-of-the-basket (BOB) visual scanner and the LaneHawk™ InCart image processor use patented Visual Pattern Recognition (ViPR) technologies to provide loss-prevention solutions that help secure the front end and transform a store's losses back into profits. Attendees visiting the Datalogic booth will have a chance to see these unique and inventive systems in action.

Visitors will also be able to sample the new frontier of self-shopping through the demonstration of Datalogic's Joya™ self-shopping devices, as well as an iPhone application, powered by Datalogic's ShopEvolution™ software solution. Managing front and back room inventories, communicating with the field and keeping real time records will be easy to imagine through the use of Datalogic mobile computers (PDAs and PDTS) such as the Falcon™ X3, Kyman™, Skorpio™, Memor™ and Elf™ mobile computer units. 

Flexibility, mobility, snappy performance and compact designs will be on display in the Gryphon™ and QuickScan™ series of general purpose handheld corded and cordless scanners. The variety of laser based scanners and 1D and 2D imaging technologies offered by Datalogic will surely answer the many needs demanding solutions in the retail store. The PowerScan™ series of industrial handheld readers are a great choice for back room scanning, and will be on display during the show.