Datalogic and Auchan Team Up to Create a Cutting Edge Solution for Self-Shopping

Düsseldorf, March 27, 2012 – Auchan, an important hypermarket chain in Italy, won the “Best Customer Experience” award for its state-of-the-art Self-Shopping solution using Datalogic’s Joya™ pod  and Shopevolution™ middleware, together with the iPhone® mobile device, at the Retail Technology Awards Europe (RETA) ceremony at Eurocis in Düsseldorf this year.


EHI, a scientific institution specializing in retail, presents its RETA award once a year to companies that have implemented outstanding and innovative solutions in the field of information technology. Auchan obtained the “Best Customer Experience” award this year thanks to the Shopevolution and Joya solution by Datalogic, used together with the iPhone® mobile device, running an app developed by Superpartes.


Auchan implements its CassaXpress service with Datalogic’s Joya pod in several stores all over Northern Italy. Customers have embraced this new solution because it is simple to use, fast and informative. With the Joya pod, the shopper knows exactly the amount being spent on the articles being put into the cart, as well as promotions in progress. Then, when it’s time to go to the checkout counter, the shopper can use the self-payment kiosks. This system now also includes use of the iPhone® mobile device for self-shopping, making it truly revolutionary.


“Auchan is proud to receive this award on behalf of all the people that have worked on this project,” comments Marino Vignati, Systems and New Technology Director of Auchan SpA, “and would like to share this honor with Datalogic and Superpartes, which collaborated closely with us. This is an application that covers a small functional niche which, however, has given us much in terms of technical know-how and customer service. We consider it our first step towards a series of applications that will continue to enhance the customer’s experience at our stores.”


“We congratulate Auchan for winning this prestigious award and are happy to know that the Joya and Shopevolution solution contributed significantly to this success. Thanks to Datalogic’s powerful and flexible Shopevolution middleware, customers at Auchan can shop using mobile devices, such as the Joya pod, as well as mobile phones,” commented Luigi Frison, Senior Group Manager EMEA, Datalogic ADC.