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Press Releases

Press Releases

Datalogic and Conad Centro Nord celebrate their 11-year partnership with an agreement for the supply of numerous Joya pods to the Conad Superstore channel

Bologna, 10th October 2013 – Datalogic and Conad Centro Nord, one of the most important retailers in Italy, owner of over 230 points of sale (Conad Superstore, Conad, Conad City, Margherita Conad), signed an agreement to improve the shopping experience at Conad superstores. Datalogic’s self-shopping solution, which includes numerous Joya™ pods, will be at the disposal of customers in all Conad stores opening in 2013 and 2014, for an innovative shopping experience that is fun, easy and fast.

Datalogic’s relationship with Conad goes back many years. In 2002, Datalogic became Conad Centro Nord’s only supplier, installing its self-shopping terminals for the first time at its store in Reggio Emilia’s shopping center, Le Querce. It was an overwhelming success that led to a 10% sales increase and a 15% revenue increase at the store. Keeping in consideration the technological innovation scenario that was becoming more and more important, the Italian giant in the LOD field decided to rely on Datalogic again. The company purchased Datalogic’s new Joya pods and Shopevolution 6.0 middleware as part of a long-term innovation project.

The new Datalogic's Joya pods will replace the terminals present at those points of sale which already offer self-shopping solutions. They will also be installed in all the new shops that plan on offering the self-shopping service.

The technological innovation project regarding the new Joya pods and the Shopevolution™ middleware also includes a mass marketing package, whose goal is to improve the service offered to consumers, creating a direct communication channel between the retailer and the customer. By simply scanning a loyalty card or entering a shopping list on the retailer's website, Joya is able to store information about the consumers' shopping habits and propose their favorite items every time they shop. Moreover, it creates a “promotion list” containing the offers customers might be interested in. In other words, customers are only offered what they really want.

It is important to keep in mind that the point of sale remains the main venue for the purchase decision-making process. It's here that marketing strategies, from digital signage to push and pull marketing, are planned and implemented, guiding the customers towards their purchases.

Moreover, thanks to the Shopevolution 6.0 middleware, Conad Centro Nord was able to activate a mobile shopping service. Customers owning a smartphone can shop using their own handheld device and then switch to their Joya pod at any moment, without losing any data.

Romano Volta, Chairman and CEO of the Datalogic Group, said: “We are very proud to renew our partnership with one of the most important retailers in Italy. Thanks to our Joya pods and Shopevolution middleware, Conad Centro Nord can offer its customers an innovative service for fast and easy shopping, making them the protagonists of a unique and interactive shopping experience. Thanks to Datalogic’s continuous commitment to listening to retailers and their needs, the company offers an innovative range of products that are focused on optimizing efficiency in all operations at the point of sale, in the warehouse and distribution center”.

“Datalogic’s solution with the Joya pod and Shopevolution 6.0 guaranteed us immediate success with our customers, just like in 2002. Moreover, it strengthened our 11-year long relationship” stated Luca Genitoni, Sales and Logistics Manager at Conad Centro Nord. “The trust we placed in Datalogic, an Italian company characterized by a strong willingness to innovate and understand future market trends, allowed us to adopt a self-shopping solution which we liked instantly and gave us immediate results in terms of a return on investment”.