Datalogic and Coop Estense celebrate the largest self-shopping system in Italy with the installation of 600 Joya™ pods

Bologna, June 13, 2013 – Datalogic and Coop Estense enhance the customer’s shopping experience at the “Il Borgogioioso” Ipercoop store in Carpi, Modena. The installation of 600 Joya pods make shopping innovative, fast and easy. 

This partnership confirms Coop Estense’s state-of-the-art technology and Datalogic’s leadership in the retail market thanks to the largest installation of Joya terminals, the most advanced self-shopping device in the industry, in a single point of sale in Italy.

Coop Estense is one of the largest consumer cooperatives belonging to the Coop group, the Italian retail and distribution leader. The group includes 54 stores that consists of IPERCOOP hypermarkets and COOP supermarkets. The company confirms its role as an innovation testing ground inside the national cooperative system by selecting to renew the service offered to customers with Datalogic’s terminals. Datalogic’s Joya pod for self-shopping and the new version of the Shopevolution™ 6.0 middleware make using the Salvatempo service even more fun. This self-shopping service meets all the customer’s needs and provides him/her with a well-informed and conscientious shopping experience. Salvatempo is a complete package that reduces customer wait times at the checkout, without the need to remove products from the cart.

Datalogic’s Joya pod is easy to use, light, ergonomic, robust and fast with a long battery life to guarantee correct operation without interruption even during long shopping times. Joya is also an intelligent pod that allows the customer to access a series of personal messages, such as fidelity points or residual amount on the Coopcard or general messages dedicated to promotions in progress at the point of sale, by simply pressing a key. The device has been set-up for other applications that will improve the service even more in the future, such as the possibility of receiving multi-media information on special offers and dedicated promotions.

In addition to the Joya pod, Coop Estense’s Salvatempo service provides members and customers the opportunity to shop using a special “Salvatempo App,” a mobile shopping application that allows the bar code to be read on the selected products using smartphones. Even this service, which is operational in 32 points of sales in the Emilia region of Italy presently, will be enhanced with new functionalities, among which, the possibility of automatically reading and marking the list of products to purchase, eliminating the need of a traditional written shopping list.

“For Coop Estense, offering technology capable of constantly improving the level of service to our customers is a precise strategic choice that has always distinguished the company. In recent years, the Salvatempo service plays a fundamental role in our sales network, so much so, that over 40% of shopping in some of our stores is done using this device. This is why we decided to update our services further with the installation of the new Joya pod, together with the Shopevolution middleware and Salvatempo App. This will ensure our customers a faster, more autonomous and higher quality shopping experience,” declared Massimo Ferrari, Social Marketing Director at Coop Estense.

Emanuela Iapelli, VP Solutions Sales Europe of Datalogic ADC added “We are very satisfied with the collaboration with Coop Estense. The installation at ‘Il Borgogioioso’ Ipercoop is the largest in Italy, in terms of the number of Joya pods installed in a single point of sale, added to the hundreds of Joya pods installed in the other stores in the Coop chain: looking at the fantastic results obtained, we are sure that we can continue to help Coop Estense offer new services for its customers in the future as well.” 

Valentina Volta, CEO of the Business Development division of the Datalogic Group, participated in the presentation of the new service at “Il Borgogioioso” Ipercoop and commented, “I am very proud of the increasing recognition Datalogic is receiving for its self-shopping solutions which have been adopted by the most important retailers in Italy and all over the world. Datalogic is unique in its capability of offering customers in the retail industry a vast range of products and solutions that make all the operations at the point of sale easier and more efficient. With the installation of the Joya pods and Shopevolution middleware, Coop Estense can now offer its customers the most innovative service available in the market for easier and faster shopping, allowing the consumer to play the leading role in an exclusive and interactive shopping experience.”

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