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Press Releases

Press Releases

Datalogic and PAC 2000A (Conad) sign an agreement for the installation of bar code scanners in the Group’s 1100 points of sale

Bologna, October 30th 2013, Datalogic signed an agreement with PAC 2000A, a retail cooperative company belonging to the Consorzio Nazionale Conad that operates in the Umbria, Lazio, Campania and Calabria regions of Italy, to reserve fixing pricing for the purchase of Datalogic bar code readers in all Conad’s points of sale.

Dealers that install new Datalogic products at stores associated with PAC 2000A can purchase the Magellan™ series scanners and QuickScan™ Imager at more competitive prices from their traditional sales channel.

The agreement confirms the partnership between the two companies, marking the first step towards a more advanced sales relationship. The Magellan 8400 bi-optic scanners, along with the Magellan 3200VSi and Magellan 3300 HSi single plane readers with imaging technology were selected for the checkout counters for PAC 2000A’s over 1,100 points of sale, while the general purpose reader, QuickScan Imager, was selected as the best solution for use in stores where a manual reader is needed at the checkout counter.

The state-of-the-art Magellan 8400 omnidirectional on-counter reader offers the highest level of technological performance available on the market today, capable of 360° five-sided scanning. The scanner/scale version includes the Datalogic patented All- Weighs® scale platter to ensure accurate produce and bulk food weighing at the checkout counter.

The single-plane omni-directional Magellan 3300HSi (horizontal orientation) and the Magellan 3200VSi (vertical orientation) scanners represent the ideal solution for stores that require high reading performance in a compact device that is easy to install. Thanks to Datalogic’s innovative imaging technology, these devices reading speeds are unequaled with a very high depth of field. These device reach levels of performance equal to or even better than similar models using laser technology with the addition of powerful imaging technology that allows the scanners to read bar codes on mobile devices ( smartphones, PDA’s and tablets) for ever more prominent mobile marketing and e-couponing applications. 2D symbols (PDF417, QR Code, Data Matrix), as well as poorly printed and damaged codes are also read easily by imaging technology.

The modern design and ease of use of the QuickScan Imager made this device a logical choice as well. Datalogic’s linear imaging technology guarantees high reading performance on any type of linear bar code, as well as poorly printed, truncated or damaged bar codes. The QD2100 imager can scan bar codes on mobile devices and read wide bar codes at the checkout counter, such as those on utility bills.

This partnership consolidates the relationship between these two important companies and ensures operating margins in terms of innovation and experimentation, in the sense of researching the best solutions in order to offer the customer fast and efficient service.

The next step will be to integrate the new Magellan 9800i in-counter scanner into the agreement. The Magellan 9800i scanner offers total imaging and was specially designed for use in high volume checkouts. Thanks to the digital imaging technology included in all the reading planes, the Magellan 9800i scanner can read 1D and 2D codes without the need of the cashier putting them in a particular position. This makes checkout times faster, providing a better shopping experience for the customer.

Datalogic’s solutions indicated in the agreement with PAC 2000A will surely provide the right technological solution to Conad’s members for a positive shopping experience and increased customer fidelity.

Romano Volta, Chairman and CEO of the Datalogic Group commented, ”PAC 2000A is a fast-growing dynamic reality. We are very happy to have gained the company’s trust with this agreement, making Datalogic its sole supplier of data collection solutions. This clearly indicates that our products represent innovation and guarantee an effective service for fast and easy shopping. I would like to emphasize that Datalogic is the only company capable of offering a vast range of products for managing the point of sale in the retail industry, this thanks to over 40 years of research and development experience.”

The signing of the PAC 2000A agreement helps us reach our objective of guaranteeing the best technology available on the market with very competitive costs,” added Paolo Coletti, P.O.S. area manager for the PAC 2000A group. “We are confident that this reinforced partnership between the two companies will lead to further developments in terms of technology and sales.”


PAC 2000A operates 1,154 points of sale (6 E.Leclerc Conad, 49 Conad Superstore, 371 Conad, 207 Conad City, 343 Margherita, 178 discount Todis), equaling a total working surface area of 596,083 sq.m. (+8.2 percent in relation to 2011). The company’s revenues totaled  3.2 billion euro in 2012 and the PAC 2000A Conad group continues to grow in all the regions in which it operates: 2.4 billion euro revenue (+9.5 percent in relation to 2011), 956 members, 13,478 employees (+2.7 percent in relation to 2011) and a market share of 20.1 percent, representing an increase of 0.9 percentage points this year. (Data from Gruppo Pac 2000A consolidated budget on 31/12/2012).