Datalogic announces the LaneHawk LH4000 Loss Prevention Solution - increasing revenue while reducing bottom-of-basket shrink

Eugene, OR USA - July 17, 2013 –  Datalogic is happy to announce the availability of the latest generation of their successful LaneHawk™ Loss Prevention Solution – the LaneHawk LH4000 unit.  This vision-based technology solution turns the bottom-of- basket (BOB) losses into real-time profits. 

Datalogic recognizes today’s retailers are faced with many challenges to their bottom line.  Although retailers face erosion of profits through occurrences such as shoplifting, shrinkage through overlooked bottom-of-basket items (BOB) represent a significant source of lost revenue for the merchants.  Typical stores lose $6-$10 per lane per day in sales through BOB shrink.

A flush mount camera is located level with the bottom of the basket in the checkout stand, continuously watching for items left on the bottom of a shopping cart.  Employing cutting edge machine vision technology called ViPR™ (Visual Pattern Recognition), the LaneHawk LH4000 solution has the ability to recognize items based on their product packaging without seeing the bar code.  Once noted, the unit provides the cashier with the ability to add the UPC directly to the current transaction.  Equipped with logging capabilities, this solution can generate weekly reports of missed BOB items while also pointing to poor cashier training, or misuse.

Improvements found in this latest LaneHawk solution rendition include: improved lighting panel that optimizes illumination within the target area, higher resolution imager and better field of view offering clearer, sharper images of the BOB area. The implementation of spacer add-ons enables the smaller form factor LaneHawk LH4000 product to be backwards compatible to its predecessor’s cut out holes.

“Revenue losses from unpaid merchandise or shrink add up over the course of a retailer’s day-to-day business,” stated Joe Guy, GM and VP of Business Solutions Group, “Datalogic employs advanced technology to develop innovative solutions that help retailer end bottom of basket shrink. The LaneHawk LH4000 solution will help recover 85 – 90% of BOB losses, which for the average store can add up to $20,000 a year.”