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Press Releases

Datalogic announces the QuickScan Lite QW2400 area imager - Datalogic - Datalogic

Eugene – October 6, 2017 - Datalogic, a global leader in automatic data capture and industrial automation markets, introduces the QuickScan™ Lite QW2400 2D area imager, further expanding the QuickScan family of readers.  This brilliant and future proof scanner is specifically designed to excel in reading mobile couponing on smartphone screens, setting itself as the excellent choice to meet scanning needs in Retail as well as document and bill processing in Banking, Financial and Insurance institutions, where longer linear bar codes are prevalent and often used. 

The QuickScan Lite QW2400 scanner features the best-in-class capability to capture challenging or truncated 1D codes as well as larger 2D codes, from close distance and from different scanning angles.
Poorly-marked or damaged barcodes may result in reading failures, causing loss of data that not only can have significant consequences on enterprise’s productivity and reputation, but can also lead to legal implications.  Using a proper technology to avoid these issues is simply a must for those businesses that are facing an automation renovation. Moreover, QuickScan Lite QW2400 scanner’s outstanding ability to read barcodes displayed on mobile devices, allows fast and safe mobile payment options, that more and more customers are expected to adopt, especially in the Retail sector.

“Various markets call for different types of bar codes for effective data capture”, states Nick Tabet, VP New Products at Datalogic.  “This device’s flexible, reading performance makes it ideal for many Mobile Marketing Applications in different sectors, facilitating the transition from 1D scanners to 2D scanners.”

The ergonomic, light weight and balanced design of the QW2400 area imager also provides the user with easier handling, even during long and intensive scanning sessions. The Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ provides good-read feedback and the internal beeper can be silenced for quiet surroundings.  White illumination combined with a blue aiming dot provides users with a visible and clear aiming system reducing eye irritation. 

The QW2400 area imager is available in two interface options: USB or Keyboard Wedge/RS232, both available as scanner only and in a convenient KIT including cable and stand. 

Other features of the QW2400 imager include:

  • Excellent reading of codes displayed on mobile devices
  • Three years standard factory warranty
  • An over-molded rubber exterior providing drop protection up to 1.5 m / 5.0 ft
  • Water and particulate sealing rating
  • Hands free scanning with flexible goose neck stand or multi-position (collapsible) stand
  • Shared accessories with current QuickScan products
  • Remote Host Download reduces service costs and improves operations
  • Datalogic Aladdin configuration tool for easy product configuration

Contact your local Datalogic sales representative to see how this exciting new area imager can easily meet all of your general purpose scanning needs. 

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