Datalogic Automation in China

Bologna, 05 May 2009 - Datalogic Automation Asia Limited, leader in the implementation of automatic identification systems and photoelectric devices in industrial automation has been chosen to implement the first Baggage Handling Identification solution in China, at the Shanghai Hongqiao airport terminal (Terminal 2).
The choice has fallen on Datalogic Automation thanks to the technological advantage over the competitors and thanks to the partnership with the System Integrator.
ASTRA (electronic multi-laser focusing system), able to adapt in real time a laser source at the reading distance and the ACR technology (Advanced Code Reconstruction) used in the scanners DX8200A and DS8100A are the technologies allowing Datalogic Automation to offer fast and efficient solutions for Baggage Handlying systems.
This important installation, which will be completed during 2009, represents a significant step accomplished by Datalogic Automation in the Chinese airport baggage handling market, a further confirmation of its leadership in technology ATR (Automatic Tag Reading).