Datalogic Brings Revolutionary Retail to NRF 2015

Eugene - January 10th, 2015 - Datalogic, a global leader in Automatic Data Capture and Industrial Automation markets, and world-class producer of bar code readers, mobile computers, sensors, vision systems and laser marking equipment, brings Revolutionary Retail solutions to NRF 2015 in booth 3616. 

Datalogic brought bar code technology to the retail checkout over 40 years ago revolutionizing the checkout process and solidifying Datalogic as a worldwide leader in data capture technology,” states Bill Parnell, CEO and President of Datalogic ADC. “Our leadership role will be on display at NRF 2015 with revolutionary retail solutions that give retailers the latest technology to maximize efficiency and deliver an enhanced shopping experience.” 

Datalogic will present a full suite of solutions at the retail industry’s largest event including: 

Magellan™ multi-plane advanced imaging scanner/scales,  the industry’s first fully digital imaging high performance scanner/scale product line with features that prevent shrink, scan mobile coupons, and the first to read digital watermarks including the Digimarc® Barcode. 

Jade™ Automated Scanner, the industry’s fastest automated checkout solution that allows shoppers to place items in any orientation onto a fast moving belt. Items are automatically read and visually recognized at speeds significantly higher than a traditional manual checkout. 

Queue Busting software running on the new Joya™ X2 self-shopping device that allows retailers to address periodic increased demands at the front-end without the need to open additional  checkout stations.  

LaneHawk™ LH4000 loss prevention solution that turns the bottom-of-the-basket into profits in real-time. 

PowerScan™ 2D imager the world’s best-selling industrial scanner is now coming in a Retail version  the first hand held to read digital watermarks including the Digimarc® Barcode. 

Joya™X2 self-shopping device implements imaging technology which allows accurate reading of both 1D and 2D codes affording shoppers the ability to scan products of interest, access pricing, store offers, and promotions. This shopping device has the capability to read digital watermarks such as those found on packaging using the Digimarc Barcode. 

Falcon™ X3+ mobile computer designed specifically for retail applications with the ultimate in ruggedness, ergonomics, computing and data capture technologies. 

Memor™ X3 mobile computer with new features including larger display, an entry-level linear imager, a top-performance laser scanner with Gorilla® Glass scan window, and a 2D imager. This mobile computer is the first to read digital watermarks including the Digimarc Barcode. 

Cobalto™ omnidirectional scanner guarantees an excellent value for customers looking for outstanding performance in a stylish and full-featured product. 

Heron™ handheld imager brings unmatched elegance along with latest advanced technology to the modern point-of-sale. 

Additionally, ShelfHawk™ will be demonstrated as a technology showcase to alert store personnel of out of stock conditions and optimize revenue. 

Be sure to visit Datalogic at booth 3616 to experience Revolutionary Retail in person.