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Press Releases

Press Releases

Datalogic celebrates Earth Day

Today marks the 43rd anniversary of Earth Day. Originally conceived by US Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970, citizens of the planet are taking notice and doing more to protect the environment we live in.

Datalogic actively promotes environmentally conscious actions in all aspects of its business. Employees are encouraged to use as little paper as possible and to recycle waste. Low energy consumption alternatives are always the preferred option. The company also recommends keeping plants in the offices. These actions may seem small, but put together, they can have a significant impact in terms of preserving our environment.

In the honor of Earth Day, Datalogic is inaugurating its first NO PRINT day on April 22. All company employees are asked to voluntary refrain from printing documents on this day to conserve energy and raise awareness about the Earth’s valuable natural resources. Remember that we can help save the planet for the next generation.

Spread the word! Tell your colleagues, friends and family to celebrate Earth Day with No Print.

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Datalogic wishes everyone a Happy Earth Day and pledges to continue creating initiatives to help maintain and sustain the environment.