Datalogic Congratulates ECR Software Corporation as Recipient of the Innovative Solution Award Presented by Retail Solution Provider Association

Eugene – September 29, 2015Datalogic, a global leader in Automatic Data Capture and Industrial Automation markets, congratulates ECR Software Corporation (ECRS) for receiving the Retail Solution Provider Association’s “Innovative Solution Award” in their Customer Engagement Technology category. 

ECRS received this prestigious award for their development of the RAPTOR™ Accelerated Checkout, an innovative new POS checkout system. The Raptor unit provides the fastest retail grocery checkout today. The Jade™ X7 automated checkout portal from Datalogic is an integral part of the Raptor system. Jade X7 automated checkout portals allow shoppers to place items in any orientation onto a fast moving belt not requiring any intervention from the cashiers, creating the fastest check out solution in the industry. The Jade X7 scanner uses vision technology that creates a 360˚ scan of the items that automatically reads and identifies the products at speeds significantly higher than a traditional manual checkout.  In the Raptor system, items detected by the Jade X7 portal are communicated to the CATAPULT™ Transaction Server POS making the process fast, efficient, and accurate. 

“ECRS has been a great Datalogic business partner for many years and they merit the Innovative Solution Award for Customer Engagement Technology” says Nick Tabet, Vice President, Fixed Retail Business Unit for Datalogic. “Their innovation and creativity has brought a unique solution to the retail industry unique that meets the needs of retailers and their customers like never before.” 

Recently ECRS Raptor systems with the Datalogic Jade X7 automated checkout portal were installed in all ten checkout lanes at the Cosmopolitan Marketplace, a new format grocery store recently opened in Chicago. The ten Raptor systems provide more throughput than twenty traditional grocery checkout lanes. The new systems have been well received by shoppers and the store operators. Moreover, these high technology checkout systems have garnered extensive media coverage from television, radio, and print journalists reporting on their installation. 

Imaging technology found at the core of the Jade X7 automated checkout portal is the result of Datalogic’s many years as a global technology leader. Datalogic was the first manufacturer to bring 100% digital imaging technology to the retail checkout. Ever cognizant of retailer’s needs, the company has a vision towards future applications developing solutions that increase productivity, efficiency, and enhance the customer experience. Digital imaging increases reliability and efficiency providing increased read rates with no moving parts while simultaneously offering a new means of product identification. The advanced innovative imaging technology developed by Datalogic prolongs the life of the existing devices and extend their capabilities for future applications