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Press Releases

Press Releases

Datalogic debuted at the CEMAT (Cemat Asia Exhibition) and showed its new identification products, state-of-art technology and latest solutions for the logistics industry

The CEMAT, China Exhibition of Materials Handling, Automation Technology, Transport Systems & Logistics (abbr. Cemat Asia Exhibition) was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from October 29 to November 1, 2012.
The Italian company DATALOGIC, world leader in identification, detection and laser marking solutions, debuted at the CEMAT and showed the visitors its new identification products, its state-of-art technology and latest solutions for the logistics industry.
Cemat brings together today’s state-of-art technology in the logistics industry, innovative ideas and high-end service concepts, we had the occasion to see many Asia system integrators and solution providers for the Logistics Industry,this may indicates that the China Logistics Market has a huge potential and will bring big opportunities in the future.
As we said, Datalogic attended the CEMAT for the first time and Gongkong had the opportunity in this occasion to interview the WW VP Sales Manager of the company, Mr. Marcello Petrucci and the China sales manager Mr. Chen Dong.
China is experiencing a huge industrial development, the world's suppliers are constantly look for new business opportunities in our market, and CEMAT is an important platform for many companies. What is the main purpose that brought Datalogic here at the CEMAT?

Mr.Petrucci,Mr.Chen: The logistics industry is one of our 5 target industries (Electronics, Logistics, Healthcare, Automotive & Tire, Packaging ) .At the present automation level in the Logistics Industry is higher and higher and it involves several aspects such as conveyors, airports, warehouses, and Datalogic is able to provide solutions for all of them. We expect that the interest for our products to rise together with the level of Industrial automation in this field.
Our debut here shows our growing attention and investments on the Chinese market, we want to show those Chinese customers looking for high quality product that our company is able to provide what they are looking for.
Gongkong: Which unique products for the logistics industry Datalogic brought here at the CEMAT? Can you provide us some example of applications of Datalogic products in this sector? Will Datalogic develop new customized products related to the logistic field in the future?

Mr. Petrucci,Mr.Chen: one products that we had the chance to show at the Cemat is our 2D barcode reader MATRIX 450 that can be perfectly applied to the logistics industry and sums up many years of research and development in Datalogic, it is a fifth generation product design, 5 million pixel image and 15 shots per second, Ultra-high resolution camera,can cover long distance, up to 2 m,extremely suitable for the logistics industry,Matrix 450 is designed to meet the barcode reading requirements in automatic and artificial transport of materials. It is easy to operate, easy to use, easy to store, and easy to replace.

Gongkong: In these 40 years of development, the customer orientation and the industry focus has seen some adjustments? The 2012 economy slowdown had some effects on Datalogic development in the Chinese market?

Mr Petrucci, Mr Chen:  Since 1972 when Datalogic was established, we have always been the leaders in identification, from sensors to barcode readers. Datalogic product line evolution reflects our company development:
-Part one, sensors
-Part two, barcode reading systems with the world’ s leading technology
-Part three, with the acquisition of PPT Vision in 2012, Datalogic has expanded the barcode reading system product line.

At the moment the barcode identification is managed by two divisions: ADC (for hand-held barcode reader), Industrial Automation (for fixed mount).

Chinese customers can experience high-quality by using our products, whether they belong to the high-or low-end market, we are able to provide solutions that meet all their customer needs, therefore,
despite the economy slowdown, our development in Asia remains strong.

Gongkong: Which kind of steps Datalogic will take in the future in order to develop the Chinese market and further meet the Chinese customer needs? Which kind of expectations do you have for the Chinese market?

Mr. Petrucci, Mr. Chen: In China, we focus on becoming leaders in automatic identification, we want to increase the investments, in products, technology, human resources, services, add two offices to the existing 3, improve our presence on the Chinese market. Moreover we plan to improve our channel network to better cover the Chinese market. We also focus on increasing our OEM market, find new customers, discover new applications. We believe the Chinese market will go better and better, and we are confident that we will do better!