Datalogic held a lecture at the seminar entitled “Strategic Management of Industrial Property” organised by the University of Economics and Commerce of Bologna and by the "Friends of the Industrial Heritage Museum" Association.

Bologna, Italy, March 31, 2009  - The importance of a correct approach to safeguarding and valorising the Industrial Property of enterprises through legal instruments, such as patents and trademarks, represents a fundamental challenge for businesses focused on fortifying their standing on international markets.
It was on this important topic that Datalogic S.p.A. spoke at the seminar entitled "Strategic management of Industrial Property" on the 24th March, organized by the University of Economics and Commerce of Bologna and by the "Friends of the Industrial Heritage Museum" Association.

The event was organized for students attending the Faculty of Economics in which Datalogic took part by holding a lecture on the "Reorganization of Industrial Property following technology transfer". An important business demonstration which, first and foremost, presented the universe of Datalogic and then delved further into the subject of "innovation with the aim to foster expansion", being the leading theme of the Group's historical business policy: the chronicled excursus of Datalogic's evolution is indeed characterized by cutting edge innovative strategies and by best achievements in growth and productivity, derived from new technological experience. Such experience, as highlighted during the lecture, is to be safeguarded through the use of patents, trademarks and designs that result to be strategic elements of growth of the enterprise's property on the international market.

The crucial part of Datalogic's lecture entitled "Intellectual property as a way of expanding. Evolution and reorganization" - enhanced, on one hand, the evolution in terms of portfolio of patents and trademarks that marked the group's history and, on the other, the patenting strategy in the different life phases of Datalogic: in particular, the speaker explained the specific stages in which the Group's portfolio went through important changes, for example following the different acquisitions made, capable of reflecting exact business strategies.
Specifically speaking, the topic of the complex reorganization was faced, in terms of Intellectual Property, which occurred following the transformation of Datalogic Group in 2007 that, coherently with the objectives and the general criteria that guided the transformation process, lead to a new set-up for the management of the Group's Intellectual Property: an essential strategic factor of growth on the international market for the Divisions created through the transformation process and that represent the current structure of the Group.