Datalogic hosted the periodic meeting of the Technical-Scientific Committee of CRIT Research™, summoned to assess the joint activities suggested for technological innovation, at the headquarters of its Datalogic Automation division

Bologna, June 18th, 2010 - Datalogic hosted the periodic meeting of the Technical-Scientific Committee of CRIT Research™ at the Headquarters of its Datalogic Automation division on June 10th this year. This important meeting was summoned to discuss updates on the Committee's activities and to assess the suggested joint activities concerning technological innovation of shared merit.

CRIT Research™ is a technological broker specialising in the strategic management of innovation processes whose purpose is that of assisting enterprises in innovation and in transferring technology, acting as a technological interface between the industry and local and worldwide research centres; it helps enterprises to identify innovation requirements right through to substantially implementing the technology involved. It was set-up 10 years ago thanks to a group of companies in Bologna and Modena, among which Datalogic; the ideas and incentives of Romano Volta, chairman of Datalogic, and of Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, chairman of Ferrari, who were the chairmen of the local industrialists associations at the time (of Bologna and Modena respectively) were very important for kicking-off the initiative.

The meeting opened with the greeting speech of Giancarlo Micheletti, CTO of Datalogic Group and ended with a speech of Prof. Luigi Di Stefano, Associate Professor of DEIS (Department of Electronics) of the Engineering faculty of Bologna and director of COMPUTER VISION LAB (CV-LAB), who discussed the topics of Artificial Vision in detail, highlighting technological development and also the economic aspects that are driving various companies to invest in this industry, thanks to reductions in the costs of the production processes guaranteed by the effectiveness of the vision systems, in terms of both the control and quality of the end result.

The meeting also offered an opportunity to confirm the board of the Technical Management Committee of CRIT, of which Daniele Fiorini is a member (Platform and Technology Director of Datalogic Automation). The committee consists of 7 members who have the task of deciding the technological areas on which the consortium's activities are to be focused: among the initiatives promoted by Datalogic, is a forthcoming meeting to discuss the communication standards between the various products and systems at an industrial level.

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