Datalogic is getting ready to welcome some students of the Degree in “Innovative Physics Technologies” of the University of Ferrara at its premises on the 12th January 2009.

Bologna, Italy, January 7, 2009 - The countdown has now started for some university students of the three-year Degree in "Innovative Physics Technologies" who will shortly be commencing their apprenticeship in Datalogic.
On the 12th of January, Datalogic will indeed be collaborating in the special program entitled  "Programma Quadrifoglio", sponsored and set-up by the "Friends of the Industrial Heritage Museum" Association and by the "Aldini Valeriani" Foundation, supported by the Carisbo Foundation, the Del Monte Foundation, the Institute of Foreign Trade and Unindustria and sponsored by the Municipal Department of Bologna, the Provincial Department of Bologna, the Regional Department of Emilia Romagna and the Chairman of the Council of Ministers.
The main goal of the Program is that of valorizing technical and industrial culture through the optimized organization of the resources available over the territory - enterprises, schools and universities - and the development of training activities at all levels. It involves an orienteering course focused on technical and scientific culture, from secondary schools through to universities, which ends in a specific degree: the three-year Degree Course in Innovative Physics Technologies.

Innovation and training are important topics in which Datalogic has always believed and invested significantly.
It is indeed for this Degree Course focused on innovation that Datalogic has decided to offer its support by hosting the students at its facilities - starting from January 12, 2009 through to the month of June. The students will be trained in the company about courses concentrated on quality, technology in production processes, industrial standards and technologies and intellectual property rights.
The students will attend a one month apprenticeship assisted by the company's tutors. The objective is to develop an applicative project agreed with the university teachers and the actual tutors of the company.  

This training project is the only one of its kind in Europe, because it offers the possibility to sit some exams directly in-house during the second and third year.
The possibility to train directly in-house is in fact the main idea of the "Programma Quadrifoglio" and Datalogic does firmly believe in this.
On one hand, the revival of technical-scientific culture does indeed require the on-going exchanging of design creativity of students, backed-by educational programs of schools and universities, and on the other, the possibility to work in the real world of enterprises, being the beneficiaries and revealers of a glorious past and successful present.

For further information on the Degree Course in Innovative Physics Technologies and on the "Programma Quadrifoglio", please contact