Datalogic is pleased to announce a partnership with Sysdev

Madrid, Spain – October 22, 2013 – Datalogic, a world leader in the Automatic Identification and Data Collection industry, is pleased to announce a new agreement with Sysdev, a Portuguese company with extensive knowledge and experience in application development in the area of mobility, to support all Datalogic’s mobile devices with Sysdev’s Kalipso Application Generator. 

Jose María Tejedor, Regional Manager of Datalogic ADC Iberia states, “The new agreement represents an excellent opportunity to crystallize our efforts in a common project with the potential to incorporate all the knowledge around innovation and technology in the mobility sector”. Tejedor continues, “We are at a crucial moment in the market that offers excellent opportunities to develop new business projects to provide important benefits for both distributors and consumers”. 

Arsenio Gil, General Manager, SysDev – comments “The market vitality requires that creation and change of processes need to be increasingly fast and flexible, requiring that AIDC solution integrators have development platforms at their disposal that enable them to quickly and effectively meet the demands of their customers.” 

Gil notes “Considering that Datalogic is one of the main and most dynamic players in the market, it is obvious and with great satisfaction that we have added a set of functions to our Kalipso platform which are specifically aimed at the Datalogic mobile terminals, allowing system integrators to develop and implement solutions faster and with a higher level of access to device specific features. This agreement also results in a closer relationship between the two companies, which surely will result in the availability of new features enabling all Datalogic partners to deliver flexible and effective solutions to their clients.” 

From now on, all Datalogic’s mobile devices can be integrated into any mobile and voice application developed with Kalipso Studio application.  By simply selecting the Datalogic mobile computer of choice from the supported terminal list, device features and functions can be used to meet even the most demanding applications and performance end customers expect.

Kalipso Studio is a highly intuitive Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool for mobile devices running Windows and Android operating systems. It allows for fast development and deployment of powerful data capture applications in any process where mobile devices are used (inventory, sales force, picking, checking deliveries and collections, technical services, route control), thus increasing productivity and reducing costs. One of its key features is that the tool supports voice applications.

Datalogic together with Sysdev unite their efforts and products to generate business opportunities and create new projects to their distribution and partner network.

These product synergies developed together will increase the value of Datalogic products by creating new market opportunities in the mobility sector, offering the channel unique tools for deploying new applications and emerging markets. 

These product synergies developed together will enhance the value proposition for customers and create new market opportunities in the mobility sector, offering the channel unique tools for deploying new applications and better serving fast growing markets.