Datalogic Lynx™ PDA is now certified by AT&T network for Voice & Data Communications

Eugene OR, USA – July 11, 2013 - Datalogic is pleased to announce that AT&T, the leading cellular carrier in the United States, has certified the Lynx™ PDA for both voice and data communications on its 4G network. Users of the Lynx PDA can expect to experience outstanding reliability on the AT&T network as a result of AT&T’s strict requirements and rigorous testing.

The Lynx PDA is a compact and ergonomic device that empowers the workforce both in the store and in the field with the same seamless connectivity. This compact device incorporates an assisted GPS navigation system, a phone, a camera, a computer and a bar code data collector all in one handheld device. With this device, the workforce has everything needed to perform any job in the Retail, Mobility and Manufacturing industries no matter where they are.

“We designed the Lynx PDA to offer outstanding performance for data capture and communications inside and outside the four walls,” states Tom Burke, VP of Product Marketing – Mobile Computers.  “Now with the AT&T certification, Lynx PDA users will be able to stay connected to their enterprise and experience seamless communications while roaming throughout the US.”

This certification applies to all HSPA+ (3G/4G) Lynx PDA Models. Now with AT&T’s certification, Lynx users have access to the vast AT&T network of broadband connections, taking advantage of the latest 4G technology for voice and data communications.