Datalogic Mobile Announces its New ISV Program

Bologna, January 25, 2011 - Datalogic Mobile launches its Independent Software Vendor Program (ISV), designed to help its partners increase revenues and reduce costs, thereby creating business growth.


With the ISV program, Datalogic Mobile offers its partners all the support they need to provide turnkey solutions that best fulfill the customer's requirements. Development, Marketing and Sales will be boosted through the various benefits provided by Datalogic Mobile, including exclusive access to information, resources and networking opportunities.


The benefit package includes several attractive features. A few of the highlights in terms of development are demo units given to partners so they can create a fully integrated solution to present to their customers, and exclusive technical and sales support. Regarding Sales, an important feature is that each ISV has a dedicated ISV manager to help better understand and explore business opportunities. As far as Marketing is concerned, support is given across the board from providing higher visibility on the web to graphic and collateral service for exhibitions.


"We are excited about our new ISV program," indicated Charles Dulles, Datalogic Mobile Vice President, Sales and Marketing Worldwide, "because it opens the door to new opportunities for us, our partners and our customers. The program offers us the possibility of creating an even closer relationship with our partners, as well as giving them a competitive advantage and increased growth in the market, while our customers benefit from receiving a complete solution that is customized to their specific needs."


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