Datalogic Mobile is online with its new Datalogic Mobile Blog

Bologna, November 9, 2010 - Datalogic Mobile is the first in its market sector to launch its Datalogic Mobile Blog, a new tool created to increase communication opportunities with the web community.


The Datalogic Mobile Blog provides a digital area for all those who are interested in rugged mobile computers, supply chain management, PDA, warehousing, distribution and more. Usually, only insiders or specialists explore these topics, however these subjects can be easily applied to situations in everyday life, from shopping to shipping.


The Datalogic Mobile Blog was designed to showcase all these topics of discussion in a format that addresses the web community directly and simply by highlighting common interests. It basically examines Datalogic Mobile's solutions and many others subjects dealing with self shopping and store management, as well as warehousing and field force automation, just to name a few.


The evolution of the barcode reader and "mobile" universe is also dealt with, from a "geek's" point of view. The reader can learn about the innovative mobile computers that are on the market today, with products index cards and more information in a multimedia format.


The Datalogic Mobile Blog gives the web community an opportunity to learn about Datalogic Mobile in a fresh and smart format, providing the reader with everything he/she wants to know quickly and easily.


Click on to visit the Datalogic Mobile Blog.