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Press Releases

Datalogic Mobile Partners with Summit for Enterprise-Class Wi-Fi

Bologna, Italy, 27 March 2009 - Datalogic Mobile today announced that is has forged a strategic alliance with Summit Data Communications, the leading provider of wireless LAN radio modules and cards for business-critical mobile devices. The partnership brings Summit embedded Wi-Fi® solutions to Datalogic Mobile computers, ensuring that these computers support secure and reliable wireless network connections, even in the most challenging environments.

"Our customers demand high quality and reliability from our products," said Datalogic Mobile Vice President and General Manager Francesco Montanari. "Summit understands the requirements of our customers. By incorporating Summit embedded Wi-Fi solutions in our mobile computers, we meet and even exceed our customers' expectations for secure and reliable wireless networking."

Security has been the hottest topic in the Wi-Fi industry since the initial Wi-Fi standards were approved nearly a decade ago. The top industry standard for Wi-Fi security - known as the Enterprise version of Wi-Fi Protected Access™ 2, or WPA2-Enterprise - provides strong authentication and strong encryption to protect sensitive data that resides on enterprise networks or is transmitted between those networks and Wi-Fi devices. By offering the WPA2-Enterprise technology, Datalogic Mobile places itself at the top of the professional WiFi mobile computer market.

"With Summit Wi-Fi inside, Datalogic Mobile computers support WPA2-Enterprise with a broad range of options, including all the popular authentication types," said Ron Seide, Summit's president. "It is easy to configure Datalogic Mobile computers for even the most secure networks, including those that are compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)."

Another differentiator for Summit embedded Wi-Fi solutions is support for Cisco Compatible Extensions, or CCX. All Summit solutions have been certified for CCX Version 4, the highest level of compatibility supported on mobile computers. By leveraging Summit's CCX support, Datalogic Mobile has achieved CCX V4 compliance on its products.

"By supporting all CCX V4 features, Datalogic Mobile computers support the latest industry standards and innovations for key capabilities such as security, mobility, quality of service, and management," said Tom Burke, Director of World Wide Product Marketing for Datalogic Mobile. "CCX V4 testing ensures that those capabilities are supported with both autonomous and controller-based wireless infrastructures. With this certification, Datalogic Mobile provides our business partners a strategic advantage in winning business in the most widely used wireless LAN infrastructures worldwide."

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