Datalogic provides a modern shopping experience with Joya X1Self-shopping solution at Coop Estonia

Bologna, Italy – September 4, 2014 – Datalogic a global leader in Automatic Data Capture and Industrial Automation markets, and world-class producer of bar code readers, mobile computers, sensors, vision systems and laser marking equipment, is proud that the Joya™ X1 self-shopping device was selected by Harju Consumer Society, a member of Coop Estonia, to enhance their customer’s shopping experience.    

Coop Estonia is the largest and oldest jointly operating retail group in Estonia.  In operation since 1917, Coop Estonia has 353 stores all over Estonia and employs more than 4,400 workers.  On June 11, 2014, the newest Harju supermarket, Miiduranna Konsum, implemented Datalogic's self-shopping solution using the Joya X1 device and Shopevolution™ 6.0 middleware.

The Harju supermarket aims at providing their customers a fun, fast shopping experience.  Since its launch management has noted increased customer interest for both the new store and the self-shopping system.  Merli Sirp, Marketing Manager at Harju comments, “One of the reasons for the interest is that the Joya unit is very attractive and colorful.  Once customers use it they notice that it really is comfortable and fast.”

The Joya X1 device is innovative, colorful, and ergonomically designed, giving the store’s clientele a modern, engaging, and fast shopping experience.  “We felt that the target shoppers at the new Harju location, which is a residential setting comprised of young families, was a great fit for the inaugural launch of self-shopping within our stores,” continues Sirp. “ Customer adoption of the Datalogic system provides Harju with the best opportunity to distinguish itself from its competitors and deliver on the store’s promise to provide their customers with quick and easy purchases along with a real-time view of shopping costs, while avoiding long queues.”

The Joya X1 device reduces customer wait times at the checkout, and avoids the need to remove products from the cart. Customers also have the ability to keep their net costs under control and view the total purchase amount in real-time. The unit is easy to use, light, robust, and fast. The long battery life guarantees operation without interruption even during long shopping excursions.

Francesco Montanari, Vice President & General Manager of Mobile Computing at Datalogic ADC, explains, “Datalogic’s self-shopping solutions continue to be adopted by leading retailers worldwide because Shopevolution middleware and the Joya X1 device provide retailers the features they need to give their clients the best shopping experience.“

The Joya X1 device uses linear imaging technology for increased customer safety and reliability.  This imaging technology provides the capability to scan coupons on smartphones and on Electronic Store Label (ESL) displays. 

Drawing on years of experience in self-shopping applications, the new Joya X1 device delivers outstanding features, ergonomics, and enhancements.   This new version coupled with Shopevolution middleware comes ready to receive multi-media content and promotions; perform queue-busting; and assist in inventory management.