Datalogic received a special mention from the Italian ANT Foundation NGO on the occasion of the Eubiosa 2011 award. The company donated 100 bar code readers to the foundation which, as indicated in the official statement "will enable donation receipts to be read automatically, as well as promote transparency and traceability"

The third Eubiosa ANT Award ceremony was held at the Unindustria Bologna headquarters, with the attendance of local Bolognese authorities and exponents of the social work sector. This recognition is presented to companies, business foundations and institutions which have shown a noteworthy interest in and support of Italy’s ANT Foundation projects in 2011. For over 30 years the NGO has provided free domiciliary social and medical assistance to cancer patients and has offered oncology prevention programs.

The companies which participated and contributed to the ANT Foundation’s projects received a special mention during the ceremony. Datalogic, represented by its Chairman, Ing. Romano Volta, received the acknowledgement from the Foundation’s President, Raffaella Pannuti.

Datalogic supported ANT by donating 100 bar code readers that simplify registration processes of all the membership fees and/or contributor donations, which are then forwarded to the central database. In this way, each completed transaction can be managed in a more professional, efficient manner, as well as the generation of an electronic copy in addition to the paper copy.

We would like to mention that Datalogic is a worldwide leader in the automatic data capture and industrial automation markets, offering innovative solutions for a vast range of applications dedicated to the manufacturing, retail, transportation and logistics, and medical and pharmaceutical industries. Datalogic provides the ideal solution for the ANT Foundation, a structure which is becoming increasingly more complex, desiring to operate in complete transparency. It is for this reason that the foundation was searching for instruments that would facilitate the work of its employees and volunteers, as well as render all the donation transactions public and traceable.