Datalogic Scanning Executive Matt Schler Elected to AIM Global Board of Directors - AIM Global Delegates Select Datalogic Scanning General Manager of Fixed Retail Scanning for Top Spot

PRESS RELEASE Datalogic Scanning Executive Matt Schler Elected to AIM Global Board of Directors AIM Global Delegates Select Datalogic Scanning General Manager of Fixed Retail Scanning for Top Spot Eugene, Oregon – February 13, 2008 – Datalogic Scanning, Inc. is pleased to announce that Matt Schler has been elected to the Board of Directors for AIM Global. AIM Global is the international trade association representing automatic identification and mobility technology solution providers, of which Datalogic Scanning is a member. “We are pleased to have Mr. Schler join the AIM Global board as he has the reputation within our industry of commitment to growth,” according to Dan Mullen, president, AIM Global. “Factoring in his relationships with key industry contributors, he made a strong candidate to support AIM Global’s initiatives at the Board level.” “Schler brings over 30 years of AIDC knowledge and experience in product development and business management to the table. He contributes from both a business and technology perspective,” said Bill Parnell, President and CEO of Datalogic Scanning. “Schler’s knowledge and finger on the pulse of AIDC industry trends, standards, and advocacy efforts will be of benefit to all AIM Global members as legislation and policies are set in coming years. “ Schler’s history with Datalogic began in 1976 in manufacturing with Spectra-Physics Inc.; in 1986 he rejoined the Eugene-based former PSC operation in engineering. Schler has been instrumental in leading the company’s technology development organizations to market leading product designs and innovations. He is also a key contributor to the Intellectual Property portfolio of the company via several awarded patents. Schler is Vice President and General Manager of the Fixed Position Retail Scanning Business Unit for Datalogic Scanning Inc. In this position he is responsible for product strategy, product management, product development and program management. Schler will moderate an international panel of industry experts at the AIM Technology Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. on April 27, 2008. In addition to his business unit leadership role at Datalogic Scanning, Schler has held various management roles and significant leadership positions in product engineering, technology development, program management, and manufacturing engineering in the R&D organizations of Spectra-Physics, Percon, PSC, and Datalogic. Schler received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado and is a resident of Eugene, Oregon. For further information on Datalogic Scanning, products, and services and please visit our website at, send an email to, or call +1-800-929-3221, x3 (USA) or +1-330-463-5300, x3 (International). About AIM Global AIM Global is the industry association and worldwide authority on automatic identification and data collection technologies. AIM members are providers and users of technologies, systems, and services that capture, manage, and integrate accurate data into larger information systems. Serving members in 43 countries for nearly 35 years, the association has developed key technical specifications and guidelines that support the use of automatic identification technologies. AIM Global actively supports the development of AIDC standards through its own Technical Symbology Committee (TSC), North American and Global Standards Advisory Groups, and RFID Experts Group (REG) as well as through participation at the industry, national (ANSI) and international (ISO) levels. AIM Global has an active educational focus, providing accurate and unbiased information on data collection technology. As part of its educational outreach, AIM Global publishes "RFID Connections" and “AIM Connections” the industry's oldest and most respected e-newsletters on RFID and automatic data collection. For more information about AIM Global and its members and services, please visit or About Datalogic Scanning, Inc. Datalogic Scanning, Inc. is the recognized #1 worldwide leader in high-performance fixed position retail point-of-sale scanners and the #1 provider of handheld scanners in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), with the most complete line of general purpose and ruggedized handheld scanners available today. Headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, Datalogic Scanning, a division of the Datalogic Group, serves multiple industries throughout the retail supply chain and distribution channel as well as manufacturing, government, healthcare, banking and finance sectors with a presence in over 120 countries. The Datalogic Group is the third worldwide provider and the first one in Europe of barcode readers, datacollection mobile computers and RFID systems and offers Datalogic offers outstanding business solutions particularly for the manufacturing, transportation and logistics, as well as distribution and retail industries. CONTACT: Marilyn Junkins at +1-541-302-2131 or