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Press Releases

Press Releases

Datalogic Skorpio-GUN™ - Your grip on warehousing solutions

Bologna, 12 June 2007
– Datalogic Mobile is proud to present the Datalogic Skorpio Gun™, a compact, lightweight and robust pistol grip mobile computer, particularly suited for warehousing and retail environments where bar code scan intensive applications are the norm.

Datalogic Skorpio-GUN™ provides industry leading reliability and ruggedness. It is designed for use in hostile environments and resists multiple drops and physical abuse. Excellent ergonomics and light weight package reduce operator fatigue, while long lasting Li-ION batteries grant full shift autonomy.
The powerful laser reader integrated with “green spot” (Datalogic patent) displays good read feedback directly on the code being scanned, simplifying the operator’s activities. The Long Range laser reading option allows code reads from arms length to several meter distances.

Datalogic Skorpio-GUN™ system architecture couples the fastest Intel X-Scale series processors with the latest Windows CE operating system release. Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® 802.11 b/g Wireless communication capabilities enable fast transactions and seamless interaction with information systems. While the latest RF security protocols such as WPA™ and WPA2™ keep data secure, with Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) Version 3 is possible to leverage all the advantages offered by a Cisco WLAN infrastructure.

Datalogic Skorpio-GUN™ high visibility color graphic display with touch screen helps users work more efficiently. The practical 38-key alphanumeric keypad allows data and descriptions to be quickly input.

Datalogic Skorpio-GUN™ fulfills 100% of traditional terminal emulation applications through the DL-TCL-NET™ software client. The most modern Web-based solutions exploit Microsoft Internet Explorer through the DL Locked-Web-Browser application.
Developers can create and deploy single or multiple data collection applications rapidly with MCL Collection™. Wavelink Avalanche gives IT managers the ability to centralize mobile device management by revising configurations, synchronizing software and updating firmware and drivers remotely and seamlessly.

Datalogic Skorpio-GUN™ responds to the market need for a device with a pistol grip, that is light and well balanced, compact and robust, with the latest generation of hardware, software and wireless communication.