Datalogic Automation has the pleasure to announce the enrichment of the DS4800 series, SUBZERO version, introducing the new Oscillating Mirror model.

DS4800 SUBZERO oscillating mirror is the newest industrial laser scanner model  that complete the 4000 Family. Designed for the Industrial Automation Market, its used mainly for Shop Floor and Automatic Warehousing applications.
With the DS4800-1105 Adjustable Focus, oscillating Mirror, Subzero, Datalogic Automation increase the coverage of  Factory Automation market needs for Automatic Low Temperature Warehousing and Outdoor inbound-outbound logistic applications.          

DS4800 SUBZERO is equipped with a smart and efficient microprocessor-driven internal heating system which constantly monitors and automatically controls internal temperature by means of a very low power consumption.
DS4800 SUBZERO is able to extend the operating range at a low environment temperature (down to -35°C) and represents the new standard in this specific segment thanks to the excellent performance.