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Press Releases

Press Releases

E.Leclerc Conad delights shopping with Joya from Datalogic

20th February 2009 - The self-shopping solution Shopevolution™ from Datalogic™, a leading company in barcodes and self-shopping solutions, is bringing Joya™ to the E.Leclerc Conad store in S. Stefano Magra La Spezia. The store covers 4300 m², offers 22 cash registers, and is part of the "La Fabbrica" shopping mall.

Introducing the exclusive pod to the Conad del Tirreno Ligurian hypermarket will allow the coop to experiment with the new dynamic, cutting-edge way to shop, creating a direct contact with the customer. With the « Spesa al volo » service, E. Leclerc Conad aims to promote the concept of quick and prudent shopping which, thanks to Joya, finds a perfect balance between the pleasure customers find in shopping and the store's willingness to cater to their needs.

"We always want to give our customers the best, in terms of both the products and services we offer in our stores," said Lauro Cabano, President of the Iper company in S. Stefano Magra (La Spezia, Italy).
"This makes « Spesa al volo » a natural fit. It's a simple service that lets our customers play an increasingly active role in the shopping experience, independently defining and managing their own time and approach."

Customers use  Joya™ to read the barcodes of various products and arrange them as they like in bags in their carts. The color display will show the price and number of purchases made, any applicable sales or discounts on the product, the loyalty points total, and the current total for their shopping, to be paid at the register.

Arriving at the register, all they need to do is hand Joya to the cashier, who will immediately print the receipt. This drastically reduces time spent at the register.

Joya is an elegant and functional item with a handy ergonomic shape. It is also incredibly easy to use, so it's suitable even for more mature shoppers. It thus is an important added value for the store, an "interactive assistant" that sets it apart from the competition and helps increase the inclination to purchase because it shifts emphasis to the time spent shopping along the aisles, instead of time lost waiting in line at the register.

"The fun of shopping with  Joya™ makes the experience colorful, makes it unforgettable and above all personal. It's emotions that can take products that are the same for everyone and personalize them, bring them to life," said Luigi Frison, Marketing Manager of Datalogic Mobile EBS. "Customers increasingly appreciate solutions that give them control of their time, and « Spesa al volo » offers them a quick and mindful shopping experience.

It's yet another success for Datalogic, helping solidify the leadership position it has carved out for itself, with more than 300 stores installed, including Italy (Coop, Conad, Carrefour, Auchan, Esselunga, Lombardini, Despar, Finiper, E.Leclerc Conad and Famila), France (Groupe Casino and ATAC), and Belgium (Delhaize Group and Carrefour). This further demonstrates the importance of understanding the market and customers, as well as a strong inclination to innovation for constant and on-going growth.