EASEOFCARE: The New Service Program by Datalogic Mobile

Bologna, May 8, 2008 - Datalogic Mobile revolutionizes product service with its new EASEOFCARE package providing the customer with no worries after purchasing a Datalogic Mobile Product.

The new EASEOFCARE service program from Datalogic Mobile responds to a need for quick, simple and efficient service guaranteeing the customer the least downtime possible. Datalogic Mobile takes care of everything so the customer can concentrate on business, while saving time and money on product upkeep.

EASEOFCARE represents a new concept in service, offering a complete service package with a full coverage option to reduce paper work and complexity. The new service program provides a full range of services for different customer profiles and needs, ranging from renewable annual coverage to 3-year comprehensive coverage from the moment the product is purchased. Service is provided by Datalogic Mobile to guarantee reliable repair, which is completed in 5 days at reduced costs. The service package also eliminates much of the paperwork involved in product service, maximizing investment value in mobile computers and reducing total cost of ownership.

Easy, fast and efficient service at reduced costs: EASEOFCARE is a complete post-sales service offered to all Datalogic Mobile Customers. This new service program assures maximum efficiency, allowing the customer to increase competitiveness and profitability.