Even shopping is “fast” thanks to Datalogic and Wincor Nixdorf in the capital of Formula1 races

Coop Estense supermarket in Maranello, home of the Italian Formula 1 race circuit, chooses JoyaTM from Datalogic Mobile EBS, for its Salvatempo solution offering a modern, fun, faster and more convenient way of shopping and meeting customer needs in a city where "finishing first" is fundamental.


Thanks to Joya, customers are informed about the "state of their purchase" in real time and the usual time taken for payment and queuing at the checkout is drastically reduced: the shopping ‘pit stops' get shorter and shorter!


It's a completely new way of experiencing the store: customers can easily scan the barcodes of products, placing them directly into the trolley. The JOYA display shows the price, number of purchases, product promotions and/or discounts earned, as well as the balance of loyalty points and the total cost of their purchases, culminating with the waiting time at the checkout being significantly reduced.

It's a "race" to the "last barcode" that surpasses all competitors and wins the pole position for Coop Estense!

Ninety Joya terminals are now installed at the new Coop Estense supermarket (with 55 stores including supermarkets, hypermarkets and minimarkets). They are equipped with TPiShopTM software, supplied by Wincor NixdorfTM, a global leader in consulting and technology development for the banking and retail sectors. TPiShop™ is an innovative platform that, thanks to a series of communications capabilities, localization and delivery of multimedia content, facilitates the purchasing process in tandem with JOYA mobile devices.