eXtra Throughput Speed; eXtra POS Security; eXtra Scale Integrity - Datalogic Scanning’s Magellan 8500Xt - eXtra-ordinary!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE eXtra Throughput Speed; eXtra POS Security; eXtra Scale Integrity Datalogic Scanning’s Magellan 8500Xt – eXtra-ordinary! Eugene, July 31, 2009 – Datalogic Scanning recognizes the ongoing challenges facing our customers in today’s financial climate. Now more than ever, throughput speed and accuracy at the point-of-sale are vital issues. The Magellan™ 8500Xt high performance POS bi-optic scanner adds several new features to the well established Magellan 8500 scanner, the worldwide leader in the bi-optic scanner/scale marketplace. These innovative new enhancements include: a new, state-of-the-art microprocessor that enables higher POS throughput with its ability to decode hard-to read bar code labels. This new technology is brought to you by the same company (then known as Spectra-Physics) that manufactured the world’s first supermarket scanner installed 35 years ago at a Marsh supermarket in Troy, Ohio. The Magellan 8500Xt is the first in the Magellan scanner line to incorporate the new Magellan Scale Technology which provides the fastest scale settling time in the industry. The Magellan Scale Technology is coupled with the patented All-Weighs™ Scale Platter to significantly reduce produce shrinkage. Also newly offered on the Magellan 8500Xt scanner is a new dual-range scale option which enables more precise weighing of small, high value items. This new scale technology is supported by Sextante GZPS™ gravity zone positioning software, the world’s first web based application to select the correct gravity zones for pre-verified scales. Finally, the Magellan 8500Xt scanner offers enhanced user label editing capabilities; and optional pre-installed integrated Sensormatic® or Checkpoint® EAS antenna options. Datalogic now also offers the new PreScan™ Queue-Busting software option and a smaller under-counter footprint that aids in the ease of installation by using existing competitive scanner checkstand cutouts. Magellan 8500Xt scanner – Progression of Excellence “Datalogic Scanning recognizes that the needs of our customers and partners, as well as the technologies of today and tomorrow, continue to evolve within the retail scanning marketplace. We are proud of our global leadership role in fixed position POS scanners and continue to meet and surpass industry expectations,” states Matt Schler, General Manager, Fixed Retail for Datalogic Scanning. “Datalogic Scanning achieves this goal in the Magellan 8500Xt scanner by combining these new innovations with the renowned Magellan scanner reliability and six-sided 360° SurroundScan™ 3D Scanning™ with the new key offerings of the Magellan 8500Xt scanner.“ Magellan™ Products – Scanning with Confidence The Magellan brand of high performance scanners and scanner/scales are world renown for their high performance, extreme reliability and distinct value. The Magellan family of products answers the needs of the various stationary POS market segments. The Magellan™ 2200 and 2300 single plane scanners, Magellan™ 1000i and 1400i linear imager presentation scanners and the Magellan™ 8300 and 8400 five-sided bi-optic scanners join the Magellan 8500Xt scanner to complete the Magellan family of scanning products. Magellan 8500Xt Scanner Delivers Highest Performance POS Bar Code Scanner Available • Increased POS throughput on hard to read labels such as GS1 DataBar™ coded items and coupons made possible by an upgraded microprocessor. • New Magellan Scale Technology offers the fastest scale settling time in the industry at 495ms, in conjunction with the patented All-Weighs Scale System. • Sextante GZPS, the world’s first web based application that offers ease of locating and selecting the correct gravity zones for pre-verified scales for EC scale customers. • SurroundScan technology offering 360° of six-sided scanning aids to increase POS throughput, as well as cashier comfort and ergonomics. • Smaller below counter footprint allows for easy replacement of competitive scanners eliminating costly check stand modifications. • With a pre-installed Checkpoint® or Sensormatic® integrated EAS software, a significant reduction in sweethearting can be realized. • Optional PreScan Queue-Busting application software mated with the Datalogic PowerScan™, handheld scanners allows the cashiers to scan customers’ items while waiting in line resulting in increased frontend productivity. • Enhanced user label editing allows the end user to modify the transmission of the label data, such as GS1 DataBar™ Expanded code, to fit applications by parsing the data prior to transmission to the POS. • ‘Finger Friendly’ lift handles provides easier installation and removal of the scanner from the checkstand, reducing installation time. Datalogic Scanning by the Numbers • Datalogic Scanning made history with the first retail bar code scan in 1974. • A Datalogic Scanning bar code reader is installed every 36 seconds. • Over 5 million Datalogic scanners have been installed since 1994 • Over 900,000 Magellan bi-optic scanners have been installed • Over 440,000 Magellan bi-optic scanners with integrated scales have been installed • Over 35,000 customers have chosen the Datalogic Scanning brand. Datalogic and the Datalogic logo are registered trademarks of Datalogic S.p.A. in many countries, including the U.S.A. and the E.U. All-Weighs, Magellan, PowerScan, and SurroundScan are registered trademarks of Datalogic Scanning Inc. in many countries, including the U.S.A. 3D Scanning, PreScan. and Sextante GZPS are trademarks of Datalogic Scanning Inc. in many countries, including the U.S.A. All other brand and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners About Datalogic Scanning Datalogic Scanning is the worldwide leader in fixed position retail scanning offering both in-counter and on-counter point-of-sale scanners and the best known provider of handheld scanners in EMEA, with the most complete line of general purpose and ruggedized handheld scanners in the world. A division of the Datalogic Group, Datalogic Scanning is headquartered in the US with a presence in over 120 countries. The company serves multiple industries throughout the retail supply chain and distribution channel as well as manufacturing, government, healthcare, banking and finance sectors. For additional information about Datalogic Scanning products, please visit www.scanning.datalogic.com, email scanning@datalogic.com, or call +1-800-695-5700 (toll-free in the USA only) or +1-541-683-5700. CONTACT: Pam McQueen Pam.mcqueen@datalogic.com +1-541-302-2012 ###