Formula™: the new pocket-sized mobile computer by Datalogic Mobile

Bologna, 09 April 2008 – Datalogic is proud to present the new Formula™ pocket-sized mobile computer. Small and slim, with excellent ergonomics, the new Formula™ adapts to any situation, anywhere, with superior utility. This new device by Datalogic Mobile is the perfect choice for entry-level applications in retail environments, such as inventory, shelf replenishment, price management and others.

The special ergonomic and compact design of the Formula™ improves efficiency as it allows single-handed use with easy access to all the keyboard functions. This, along with its backlit display, make operation faster and easier, as well as reducing operator fatigue. Its small size also allows it to be put in the operator’s pocket, increasing mobility on the shop floor.

The new Formula™ combines the stable platform provided by previous Formula™ products with innovative features, such as USB on board, memory expandability with a SD card slot and a Bluetooth® option. The mature platform assures reliability and long-term investment protection, while the added features provide many connection possibilities and database management.

To make the solution complete, the Formula™ comes ready-to-use out of the box. A standard power supply is provided, along with adapters for specific country needs, and a mini-USB cable for initial set-up and data communication. Some customized software applications and tools are included on a CD as well. In addition, a pre-loaded application allows simple operations to be performed right away, such as reading codes, inputting data and transferring information through USB connection.

This compact, ergonomic and ready-to-use mobile computer has been tested for long-term use and reliability. It provides rugged construction to protect it from accidental drops and exposure to wet and dusty environments, while its fast and accurate scanning engine offers excellent performance. The Formula™ is truly a complete solution for all application needs, especially in light industrial and retail environments.