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Press Releases

How to evaluate and exploit patents: this was the topic discussed at the workshop organized by the “Innovami” centre in which Datalogic too participated

Bologna, June 22th, 2010  - The effective exploitation of intangible assets and of industrial property in particular (patents, brands, drawings and models) represents an increasingly important source of competitive business advantage. On this subject, it becomes ever more decisive to assess the economic return that can be drawn from such instruments.

It was indeed on this important topic that Datalogic S.p.A. participated in the workshop entitled "How to evaluate and exploit patents? Business methods and experience" held last June 18th and organized by the "Innovami" centre in collaboration with the University of Bologna and with CNA Emilia Romagna.

The workshop aimed at providing an overview of the various existing methods for the economic evaluation of patents, with special focus on the approach developed by the Italian Patents and Trademark Department, the Italian Banking Association, the Industrialists Association and the Conference of Chancellors of Italian Universities for the evaluation of patents of small and medium enterprises.

In particular, Datalogic took part in the initiative organized for businessmen, researchers, consultants and professionals involved in this industry with a speech on the evaluation of company patents to optimize in-house management.

First and foremost, Datalogic's evidence - illustrated by Beatrice Parenti, Intellectual Property Supervisor of Datalogic - explained why it is important for the company to preside the evaluation of the patents owned by Datalogic Group as a whole: to monitor the technological areas mostly involved and the use of patented technology on products; to constantly update the drivers for the patenting strategy (geographic areas, technological fields) as well as to support the Management in its strategic assessments related to patent purchasing, selling, licensing and enforcement.

Furthermore, Datalogic also illustrated the general methods exploited to evaluate patents. Evaluation also includes the use of a tool devised specifically for Datalogic and that is used to monitor aspects of greater interest for a patent (technological value, economic value and strategic value).