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Press Releases

Iper Vittuone discovers the pleasure of shopping with Joya

April 1, 2009 - Finiper had decided to use Joya™ in its new hypermarket, Iper Vittuone - Milan, a retail outlet covering approximately 8,000 m² with 50 checkouts and over 38,000 products, located in the "Il Destriero" shopping center.
On the strength of the results achieved in the 'Iper, La grande i' store that have already implemented the Shopevolution™ solution, the Vittuone hypermarket is also introducing the self-shopping concept, and has chosen Joya, the innovative pod from Datalogic, for its 'Vantaggi e Vai' service.

Strolling the aisles of the Iper Vittuone, shoppers will now be at the center of a pleasant way to shop quickly, easily, and enjoyably, in a store that recognizes its customers through Joya so it can talk to them directly and offer them exclusive deals.

Finiper has taken an important step in choosing to put Joya in the hands of its consumers, strengthening its existing partnership with Datalogic and expanding the confidence it places in Shopevolution.

"Thanks to the 96 Joya pods, the 'Vantaggi e Vai' service at Finiper has found its perfect expression: a new way to remain consistently available to customers through an enjoyable new way to shop," says Graziano Bordonetti, Director of Iper Vittuone. "Iper Vittuone can pamper its customers with this solution, immersing them in an 'emotional' shopping experience while learning to understand each shopper better in order to meet their needs. This gives the store a way to grow loyalty with customers, who will prefer to shop in a store that guarantees personalized, cutting-edge services."

Joya is a "shopping buddy" that's easy to use whether or not shoppers are technologically savvy. It scans the bar codes on products as customers choose them and put them in their bags, and the pod's color display indicates the price, the number of purchases, any discounts applied to the product selected, current sales or promotions, and the total cost for the products so far. At the checkout, shoppers simply hand the Joya pod to the clerk, who only needs to print a receipt, which slashes the time spent waiting in line.

"The 'Vantaggi e Vai' service fully meets the changing needs of consumers," explains Luigi Frison, Marketing Manager for Datalogic Mobile EBS. "Customers want to take increasing control over the purchasing process, and the thrill that Joya offers brings color to the shopping experience."

And that's just the start! While Joya can serve as an excellent tool to improve overall service to customers, a real advantage that sets stores apart from the competition, in the future, other exclusive services will also be available, and Iper Vittuone is looking into these options. As always, the goal will be to guarantee a truly unique and even faster shopping trip for customers. Innovations on the horizon include digital merchandising (informative and promotional multimedia messages directly through Joya), and automatic payment at checkouts.

The latter option in particular will allow customers to quickly print their own receipt using Joya - without needing to remove items from their carts - by simply scanning a special "done shopping" code, with the assurance that they can always rely on help from staff if any questions arise.

The benefits are clear: waiting times at checkout are practically eliminated, consumers are personally in charge of their own shopping, and even personnel and structures within the store itself can be better managed.