Japan events: supply chain situation

Bologna, March 25, 2011 - The recent events in Japan have reminded us how fragile life can be. The entire Datalogic Group wants the Japanese people, to know, first and foremost, that we reach out to them with positive thoughts and the hope that they can start rebuilding and shaping their future as soon as possible.

Regarding the business situation, our manufacturing sites and stocks for raw materials, sub-assemblies and finished products are not located in Japan. Nevertheless, some of our components and materials are sourced directly or indirectly from Japanese companies.

Thanks to our constant contact with our business partners working with Japanese companies, the current situation of each supplier and plant is getting clearer day by day. It will probably still take a couple of weeks for the situation to stabilize. In the meantime, we are aware of a few issues that may impact product availability starting in late April, even if not in the long term.  Most of our relevant supply chain located in Japan seems not to have sustained major damage, but delays or partial disruptions in deliveries in the near future may occur.

We are already working on resolving any possible delays by addressing the known issues and strictly monitoring the evolution of the current situation. In this manner, we can handle any obstacle proactively, mitigate the effect on our deliveries and communicate with our sales force and customers in real time.

Customers and partners can count on us to have the clearest situation updated.